Buy ssf4 on Ps3 or xbox 360? (no console wars pleaseXD)

Hello srk!

Sorry if this thread has been done a million times(i tried searching).

Well the problem is i dont know if i should get ssf4 on my ps3 or 360 tommorow.

I bought sf4 on my ps3 and i have been experiencing alot of lag(my internet connection is good.).
and im now im considering buying ssf4 on the 360 because of the connection.

So, my question really is: is the 360 dpad really so horrible while playing street fighter?(blazblue seems to have worked well on my 360)(the ps3 controller also really hurts my fingers after awhile :wasted:.

or doesn’t the 360s live have less delay/lag (i thought that was why xbox live costed).

Buy it for Xbox 360 and get an arcade stick.

My personal experience is that I hate using my PS3 for playing online. Xbox live just seems to work better for me. I got SSFIV for Xbox 360. I had SFIV for both, and never used the PS3 copy.

thanks for the fast reply omega!

yeah i have been considering buying an arcade stick but right now i dont have the money for it(maybe later i will spend some on one).

im glad that you think that xbox live seems to work better. But is the dpad on the xbox360 really that much worse than the dualshock3 controllers?(im guessing youre not using it much since you seem to have oneXD).

im acctually thinking about buying this on 360 now! but, i would like to hear someone elses opinion aswell before i decide!

sorry for double…

The 360’s d-pad is awful to play on. Just download some arcade game demos and see how you do and how it reacts to your touch (no homo), but I personally hate it. I have it pre-ordered for PS3 since my custom is built for that, however I will eventually nab it for 360 also as I always end up missing that cross game party chat when there is a few of us on. Plus my 360 TE gets some serious underuse.

Save up for a stick my friend, it’s worth it.

360 version also looks better on high def tv unless you lower your sharpness to near nothing

definitely get it for xbox if you have one, no reason to get ps3 version unless all your friends play ps3, really. PSN sucks a lot

Ah, well i was able to play blazblue easily on the 360 pad(so it would probably be a possibilty to play ssf4 on it). i think ill buy it to my 360 and probably buy a stick later when i have the money).

Thanks for all the help guys!

Btw, that arcade se version stick by madcatz seems like a good choice for a semi-hardcore player right?(i think it was 50 bucks or something).

the SE is alright unless you get even somewhat serious about FG’s, at which point the buttons will deteriorate to being useless pretty fast

It’s just personal preference. Keep in mind that most tournaments will be using the PS3 version though, so if you plan on going to those you’ll probably either need to be comfortable with the PS3 pad or learn to play stick.

If you buy this you will just be sorry that you did, unless you mod it with some real arcade parts. (That’s what happened to me.) Save the extra and get a TE, or make a custom. Either way, use some decent parts or you will get frustrated with trying to learn to use a stick that doesn’t work properly. If you really like SF and you are going to continue to play it after the “newness” of it wears away, then do yourself a favour and get a good arcade stick.

Keep in mind that this is all just my opinion.

This may be true for EVO, but every other tournament that I’ve went to has been run on Xbox 360. I originally had SFIV on PS3 and had a PS3 stick that I couldn’t use at any local tournaments.

Yeah at local events outside of big nationals like EVO, the general trend is that you see it on 360 a lot more. The 360 controller is really uncomfortable though, so look into getting a stick quickly. You can go ahead and start playing with it, plenty of people do. Eventually you’ll hit a point where you feel like you can’t improve anymore on the controller. That’s when you should get a stick.

For me, it was a personal issue of who I wanted to play with. I’ve got a couple of friends with ps3’s but i have a ton of friends with 360s so i got the 360. And definitely, BUY A STICK. Sure Blazblue works with the regular controller but SSFIV is a whole nother’ beast of it’s own and I’ve certainly benefited from buying a stick. Goodluck tho, like everybody’s said you need to save up for a TE or mod an SE right out the box.

Hm well if you are from europe then go for PS3. More ppl on psn and most of the copys sold for ps3 in europe.

360, the d-pad is horrid, you should probably get a madcatz fight pad or fight stick if you can (I’m sure you can find a fight pad for 20 bucks, sticks for around 40 somewhere), but if you can’t do even that, there are ways to mod the xbox 360 controller a bit in order to make the d-pad not so horrible. Even though it is bad, I could work with the d-pad on the 360 controller without jumping all the time, but if I do play with the 360 controller (which is rarely), I mostly use the analog stick. Anyway, I say the 360 because 1) the game looks better and 2) less load times. Also, now that the 360 supports flash drive sticks, you can install the game on that and have it loading faster than those who put it on their harddrives (well, theoretically anyway). Just a thought.

is PSN really that much worse? I played vanilla on PC and I don’t notice much difference between it and my PS3 version of Super

In SFIV the ps3 version match searching was screwed up and it would connect you to some laggy matches, but that has been fixed in SSFIV. I’ve been playing all week and so far its been smooth.

Get the game on the 360 because Live is more stable then PSN which loves to randomly disconnect you for fun (from my experience). I only got SSFIV on PS3 because my SE Arcade stick (which I did mod) is for the PS3. Otherwise, I would have gotten it on the 360 since I prefer that for multiplaform games. I have to say though that PSN so far for this game though has worked rather well.

I heard though the game looks better on the 360 with less jaggies. Oh, and don’t use the D-Pad. Its terrible on the 360 and I find it easier just to use the analog stick. If its that much of an issue try to find a fightpad for the Xbox 360 and that should solve your problem.

There is no difference in the two versions. In fact the PS3 version loads faster without an install. The 360 version looks a little better if your pixel counting. In fact your internet connection will determine your online experience. Look at all the review if there was a difference they would point it out. check out this link that Lens of Truth did. I’ve been playing online PS3 version and had no problems.

Get whichever version your friends play on.