Buttons that aren't so sensitive?

Does anyone know of a button that isn’t as sensitive as Sanwa? I find it’s way too sensitive for my liking, just hovering my fingers over it will register an input, I only want things to input when I’m actually pressing the button down…

Get seimitsus. focusattack.com/buttons/seimitsu/

I first got them to slow down my piano inputs for Honda back when I played SF 4 so I wouldn’t get unintentional EX handslaps. Worked well for that, but beware, it becomes harder to do fast double and triple taps.

I play Ryu, not sure if that will be a problem for me or not :confused:

It could be. A lot of high level players across all characters and games double tap very frequently. Right now it’s worth trying them out because it’s a fairly low cost and easy switch to make. Sometimes I think about switching back specifically for the ability to double tap better. For now it’s about finding what you are comfortable with.

You’re still new to stick. I’d give yourself a longer time to adjust before considering new hardware. Sensitive buttons are actually a really good thing.

If the button is activating, you’re not hovering over the buttons, your fingers are on it. This is a bad habit to get into in general, and I’d suggest ACTUALLY hovering your hands over your button.

Seimitsus are known to be slightly less sensitive with a more of a firmer feel to it. I don’t think it’s a solution compared to just practicing good execution though.