Buttons dont working in-game while working in-game menu

Hello , i have some kind of problem with my first custom arcade stick (xbox360) right now i soldered pcb to buttons and joystick while joystick works perfectly fine. Buttons works very weird (first i wanna say that i didn’t solder triggers yet) when im at Xbox 360 Dashboard everything works , when im in-game menu (SSF4) every button works perfectly but when i start the game then A and B (LK and MK -I use Japanese layout-) don’t working while X and Y (LP and MP) are working. But when i change A and B (LK and MK) to (HP and HK) it works! Once i choosen Type B i think in Options and when LK wasn’t next to MK i think it was (LK~~HP) LK started to work but when i’m trying to change HP to MK it’s suddenly stops working , it’s weird as hell and i don’t know the reason. Sometimes when i set all the buttons to HK and left only X and Y to LP and MP and started to mashing them like crazy sometimes it comes out LP + MP + LK + MK… I don’t have freaking idea what could happened , PCB was from SLIM 4GB XBOX 360 (NEW ONE , BLACK) Please help me if u could/u know what’s going on!!

You muffed up the triggers.

Should have used a madcatz fightpad pcb. MS pads are hard to hack.