Button mashing?

I know its an old topic, but please hear me out …
I was having an argument with a very good player from Russia, he said that i was mashing. Well i don’t consider myself as a pro player, so i admit that i mash dp when i get caught in a combo, hoping that the other player will miss the timing of the combo so it will punish him. Do you find this annoying? As in my defense i don’t use any cheats here. I mean if expect a mashing dp, fill free to punish it, i just mash because i cant the get the timing right with the net lag and all.
While i’m at the cheating subject, do you get bothered if the other guy used 3xP and 3xK hotkeys? I know they are tournament banned, but this is not a tournament.
So, your thoughts?

P.S. Sorry about my average English. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do find it annoying when I have to dumb down my gameplay online because someone is mashing dp in the middle of my combos. That’s part of the game, you will have players taking advantage of the 6f reversal window (I fuckin hate that large-ass window). If I fight someone who isn’t really good and will mash dp anytime I touch them, I will dumb down my gameplay and avoid difficult links and combos simple as that. I tend to avoid those types of players as well. I hate when someone insults my intelligence by mashing dp constantly in my pressure.

As for 3 punch/kick buttons, I use them as I’m a Xiaoyu player on pad. I don’t have access to all buttons on the face of my controller. To be able to execute a lot of her combos/blockstrings requires quick transitions into stances while an enemy is in hit-stun or juggled states. With the 6f reversal window (back to this again) cannot afford to trouble myself even further with unnecessary risks that I can easily avoid.

If someone complains about you mashing DP, tell him he needs to work on his links more. Also tell him to stop being so predictable with his frame traps/mixups then maybe he will fail less.

PPP and KKK are banned? I know way back in the T5 days there was a lot of argument about binding shoulder buttons on pad for LP+LK and the like (which I still did outside of tourneys anyway), and that was more for logistics reasons… but PPP KKK I’ve never heard of being banned. O__O

As far as DP mashing… meh. I get annoyed when I get hit out of something because of it but that also means I need to clean up my links, even if it’s online.

If you know someone is mashing DP then you just have to put a hole in your attack string then punish his blocked DP.

Personally, sometimes I mash DP in situations where my defending character is going to die and I have the meter to tag out on block(or hit). This, however, wont work in 2013.