Button Mapping and EVO

I was wondering if button-mapping will be allowed at EVO.

I’ve recently noticed many players mapping PP in MvC3 and PPP or KKK in SSF4 on their pads and being allowed to play that way. In the past this was not allowed but since it’s been popping up at smaller tournaments I figured I may as well ask.

Pretty sure it has been allowed. If I remember correctly, you’re allowed to use whatever the game allows you to use. PPP and KKK are legal but rapidfire/turbo isn’t.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
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I think multiple bindings (eg., MP+MK, PPP, LP+LK, A1+A2, etc.) are allowed on single buttons, but things like macros (eg., “special 1”, 236+P, 720+PPP, etc.) are not.

(I only mention this because some games allow you to do macros, but they would have to be turned off for Evo/any-tournament-that-takes-itself-seriously)

Oh, I guess that makes sense. It just seems like allowing mapping kind of hurts the guys who practice to do maneuvers without it. Oh well.

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Not really, if you think about it this way, when you practice are you using bindings or not? Personally, I never do, I always set up my games with the “true” buttons only and learn the combinations for whatever, that’s how I play so I wouldn’t want to use multiple bindings. If someone else plays WITH bindings, then that’s how they play and how they will be used to doing things. It’s not really giving anyone an advantage though there are certain exceptions, like Balrog being able to charge PPP or KKK with the pinky pinger and still access the other buttons, you couldn’t do that in an arcade, or Taokaka being able to have the taunt button in easy reach rather than the true arcade position, but mostly it just lets people play how they are comfortable.

Re: Your avatar, what happened to the old one, why is it obsolete? The current one is pure visual pwnage and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I’d have to resize it and shrink it and I don’t want to. I mean, it was there since even before premium memberships IIRC.