button layout

I cant seem to find a button layout for hori transition style button layouts that prints out to the actual sizes.

It looks like this but it doesnt print out to the actual sizes

Anyone know where i can find one?

try to print the 300PPI version instead of 96PPI.

hi, when printing out stuff with specific measurements, you have to have an understanding of dpi and resolution and how it all goes on paper… the program you are using is probably not respecting the file’s 96 pixel per inch setting… i opened it up in Photoshop and the pixel per inch is set at 96… which means that at the resolution this picture is in, it should print at actual size… what program are you using to print it out…?

ms word lol, my printers broken so i was trying to use my schools, do you know how to do this on ms word (changing the dpi)?

hi, on my Word 2007, when i drag the picture onto a blank page, it tries to fit the picture on the page… right clicking on the picture allows a selection called, “size”… i then changed that to 100% and rotated the picture to fit the page… i didn’t print it but i’m pretty sure it will print out actual size… in most programs that print, the phrase “actual size” or “100%” usually means that the program is taking the photo’s resolution and DPI tag into account to give a certain size when printing…

for future reference, DPI is only a tag that is given to a certain photo file… you can change it in the computer as many times as you want but you will only see the results if the photo is printed…

DPI is a tag that tells the printer how to print the picture… if your picture has a resolution of 100x100 for example, and a DPI tag of 200DPI, the photo will print at 0.5"x0.5" (considering the program used respects the DPI setting)…

i find that knowing this information is very useful because you can look at any photo’s resolution and be able to work out very accurately a printed size by altering the DPI tag…

when i print it out the small measurements are almost exact like the 36 mm between the bottom and farthest right buttons. but the bottom most measurement says its 197.25 but its way more, why is that?

DPI isn’t just a tag, if you’re changing the DPI value in most programs you’re also probably resizing it (unless you specifically choose not to).



edit Also, don’t ever use Word to print a picture. If possible don’t ever use Word for anything…

don’t mean to hi-jack the thread, anyone post me a Sega Blast City Layout for 24mm buttons?

Use the regular picture from slagcoin but change the PPI when printing.

What should i change the PPI to?

Whatever PPI the image is i think?

Slag coin does 96, 100 and 300ppi versions of the layouts featured on the site. Pick one and print to that PPI.

you’re referring to PPI settings which changes the resolution to comply with how many pixels per inch you set it to…

a program that uses the term DPI properly will no way change the resolution of the picture… DPI means just that, dots per inch… dots per inch settings will only be realized once it hits paper since monitors operate on pixels per inch not dots…

quote from the link you provided:

“Just remember, when it comes to creating and working on images and graphics for on-screen use, DPI is meaningless because you work in resolution sizes. Just remember that most graphic programs for 2D raster use the 72 DPI base rule simply because it’s a myth that turned into an industry standard. At first people try to argue this, but think about it. When you are creating a beautiful new abstract wallpaper for your windows background, do you worry about DPI, or do you simply know it needs to be 1024x768? But when it comes time to printing, the rules change and DPI is suddenly vital and can make or break your final product.”

Actually I did not change the PPI.
I used Photoshop.
Hit Print.
Go to Scaled Print Size
You want the 30mm diagram for 24mm so 24/30
It normally prints out to H 4.63" x W 8.73"
24/30 X 4.63 = 3.704
Change the H to 3.704"

Which PPI version are we talking about here? 96, 100 and 300 PPI?

It does not matter. They all print out at the same size.

The problem being that most people don’t realize the difference between PPI and DPI.

I think someone who doesn’t know that may tend to open up an image in photoshop, start changing the resolution and not realize what they’re doing to the image.

But yeah, you’re right, you won’t be generally changing the DPI in a program like that. I should have said that when someone ‘thinks’ they’re changing the DPI, they can also be resizing the image.