Button Layout for GGXX

Hey, I’m new to GGX and just picked it up for Xbox. How are you guys playing with arcade sticks with GG? I looked up online how the arcade layout is and it looks like its:


But, you bring up training mode and you have the bar that shows you your button presses as:


Is the arcade GGXX layout really like the one above? =/

With your typical six button layout, this is the default arcade setup

P __ D

The __ represents where there is either A. no button at all, and the start button becomes your respect button, or if there is a button there, (and it’s not deactivated) that is your respect button. Most arcades either don’t have a button there, or occasionally there will be one, but it won’t be active.

The best way to mimic the arcade is set up your 5 buttons and either have respect to your forward (Mk) button, or just not have respect mapped at all.

Hope that helps.

Given the standard 6 button setup, The arcade layout would be:

P _ D

You can set your buttons however you wish, but thats how it would be in the arcade.

Oops, Klaige beat me too it

the layout for GGXX in arcade

awww man, you have got to be kidding me. my friend and i played with
p s D
k hs
then went to what we thought was the arcade layout

p s hs

now i find out its still wrong. ugh! I mean it really doesn’t matter as I’m sure i’ll never see a ggxx#r machine, but i still want to play with the default layout. well, i’m off to switch my buttons around again :confused:

has anybody played on the korean layout?


it’s so fucking hard.

What. The. Fuck. :xeye:

yeah, that’s what i said when i saw the layout that my arcade had… the writing in the movelist was in korean, so i figured it was the korean layout… then i did some research… that’s apparently how it’s laid out in korea… fucking gay, right?

LOL, converting a Tekken machine to play GGXX#R.

haha, but why dust on top? why not go mortal kombat, and put dust in the middle?

Yeah, thats pretty fucked up