Button lag? or game design?


I just made my first stick with seimitsu clear buttons, but when I play SF4, something seems odd to me that a lot of moves like, lk, lk, lp, can not be performed easily on the stick, but when I use my ps3 controller, it will come out most of the time. I find that every time I need to hit consecutive “same-button”, it is particularly difficult on the stick I made.

Is seimitsu button like that? or is the game design to require strict timing? It doesn’t explain when on ps3 controller that such moves can be performed much easier.

Example on sagat’s fake kick in trial mode, almost impossible to do. Zangief had one trial that asks you do link some 4x lp, I was not able to do that on the stick, but got it on the ps3 controller. which makes me wonder if something is wrong with the stick, and what can I do to fix it? Do I need other brand of buttons like sanwa?

seimitsu clear buttons and cthulhu board.

thank you.

If Seimitsu buttons had problems like that, nobody would use them :angel:

A picture of the soldering job on your buttons/PCB could help shed some light on your problem. With the information you’ve given it could be anything, really.

Thats game design , If you dont link your moves properly they will NOT connect . Especially combo’s with multiple jabs.

If you’re resting your fingers on the buttons, you might not be letting it fully depress between pushes.

You need to have the proper timing for combos in SFIV, it’s not really a mashing game.

I used quick disconnects (110 variant) so solderless, I don’ think wire length has anything to do with that, and I have searched the forum on cthulhu board and it seems to have no lags and is very good. I am really baffled. all buttons have a single common ground wire. If pressing the button the first time, action occurs spontaneously and pressing it again in a very short “instant” cause it to not respond seems like something in the button does not recoil fast enough. or if it does recoil fast enough since I can feel the tactile, then the board is not receiving(registering the 2nd instant press).

I guess I am wondering if anyone has the same issue(most likely not as I have seen any thread like this, OR anyone has any possible explanations - technical or human(me) error)

Like the zangief example, I tried spamming only the lp to see how many times it will connect, it will only connect 2x most of the time if I do that on the stick, sometimes I get lucky to have 3, but on ps3 controller, I am using my thumb(fairly slow) to press and I can get all 4x usually(maybe 70%)
further analyzing, if I can get zangief to connect at least 2 times could mean the following:
SF4 link timing say, “made up” for example, **strict **0.5 sec in between lp pressed for it to connect.
and say, if it is a technical problem on the buttons. it will not register consecutive pressed buttons if it occurs in less than 0.2 seconds. now I spam pressing lp as follow
0.2sec, lp(not register),
0.3sec, lp(register, between press .5sec to SF4 therefore register 2nd hit)
0.2sec lp(not register)
0.2sec(register as input, between press .4sec to SF4 therefore not register as 3rd hit as it requires a strict .5 sec(made up to analyze the situation)
now the next fastest button for the button to register(assuming the stick is faulty) is 0.3sec later since anything under 0.2 sec(previously established assumption) is ignored therefore linking the combo is not possible here.

However in this case study, if I can constantly hitting the button at 0.25sec interval, then I can indefinitely link the combo. or If I can time it right to hit in between 0.5sec to meet both requirement of the mechanical error and game mechanics.

if I want to link sagat’s lk, mp, I have been able to do if I time it with a single press of each button, but not with spamming mp. (Fact)

the above case study is made up just to try to analyze the problem, does it make any sense? if it’s possible that the consecutive press is not registering for some reason.


I suppose it makes sense, I was thinking of that before I post. My only concern was that I was able to pull of fake kick and the combo on ps3 controller and not the stick.
The explanation I would have if this is the case was that the travel between buttons on ps3 controller and my thumb time is just right.


You might be pushing the buttons TOO fast.

I agree with possibility that your timing on the PS3 controller is perhaps better in this case.

It is really about timing. A few of the combos (such as ones in Trial mode) requires precise but not necessary fast entries. Take Blanka’s trials for example, smashing the buttons fast doesn’t get you anywhere most of the time. In fact, I had trouble completing Blanka’s trial on my HRAP3-SA cuz the Sanwa buttons was (in this specific case) too sensitive and registering the moves too fast. I end up using the PS3 pad to complete some of the trials.

So maybe work on the timing a bit. By the way, if you go to Training mode, the flash on your opponent’s health bar when you attack helps a bit with learning the timing and linking combos.

Turn on input display in training mode. If the state changes (a button or direction gets pressed or released), the input display will show the change, even if the character doesn’t.