Button failure on a PDP Injustice Stick

I bought a PDP stick from a friend today.
It’s been padhack dualmodded (from what I can see). I believe the buttons being used are the stock PDP buttons, and as far as I can tell so is the joystick. The stock buttons still have the LED’s wired.

The stick functions fine, but the jab button only detects input 30% of the time, whether I’m pressing the button lightly or totally bottoming out. It only detects every now and then. Sometimes it will detect fine for a little while, but then it’ll start dropping again.

The most obvious suspect is something wrong with the connection between the button and the PCB yeah?

It’s a PS3 stick with a 360 padhack.

If anyone knows what exactly causes this, let me know… thanks :slight_smile:

(I also wouldn’t mind just gutting the PCB and padhack and using it in my SE project lol, if that’s an alternative)

Too many possible causes to say

Lose wire, bad switch
No way to know with out opening the thing up

Lets focus on why the button is not working first.

Since the stick dual-modded is the failure on the PS3 or Xbox 360 side of the stick?

I was testing it on my PS3, so it’s on the PS3 side.

I hate how it’s bottom opening… how does I check for loose wire/bad switch?

Remove a working button and plug the one that isn’t working into it. If it works, then it’s a PCB issue. If it does, then it’s a switch. Super easy.

Well lose wires could be obvious with a visual inspection.
a bad switch? Get your self a multi meter

Well now that I though about it get your self a multi meter and learn how to use it

If its the PCB I’m screwed right? If its a switch, I can probably just replace the button? Hmm… that would mean losing an LED

If it’s the switch you can keep the button and simply replase the switch

Okay, its the switch. I put the QDs on a spare Sanwa button I have and theres no problems.

How can I swap these microswitches around?

Here’s the problem child.

How the hell do I remove this LED thing without breaking it?

Never mind, I figured it somehow LOL. Thanks anyway though!!!

New Issue: How do I swap in a different joystick? I have a Hayabusa I want to use.

Not sure if a hayabusa mounting plate will fit. May have dremmel out some space.

I checked, definitely not possible.

I think the microswitches in the joystick have been switched to Sanwa ones, but it doesn’t feel the same…

Anyone know if its possible to gut the padhack from this or if I have to desolder/resolder?