Button Dimensions?

What do these sticks come with stock and what are there button dimensions and do they have quick disconnects?


Just curious about this i never see anything about button dimensions im probably looking incorrectly.

Hrap v3 SA

stock: # Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-W arcade stick

8 Sanwa OBSF-30-W snap in buttons (30mm)

Buttons are on quick disconnects.
Viewlix layout


Crown copies for the buttons (28mm)~
Fanta clone for the stick
buttons directly soldered

Hori ex2-

hori buttons and stick
buttons slightly under 30mm need to be filed to fit sanwa
direct soldering to pcb, moddings not too hard tbf

KOFxii- I have no input on this one sorry.

Madcatz TE-
stock jlf stick
obsf 30 snap ins
qucik disconnects/
viewlix layout (if you ignore the right buttons)

The KOFXII stick is just a rebranded Mayflash stick, so it would need dremeling of the holes to fit Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons, Plus some modification to fit a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick as well.

Man do i love the viewlex layout :smiley: That hori looks sexy

Thanks for the feedback btw