Button 6 - New Weekly WebComic About The FGC

Hey people.

I’ve been working on a fighting game centered webcomic for a while now and this morning I released the first chapter. It’s about a young man who vows to become the best Street Combat player in the world. With his friends Artaro and Penelli, they enjoy the day to day festivities that take place at “Button 6”, the towns bustling Video Game Bar.

I’m hoping it’ll feel very familiar to all of us who have grown up playing fighting games or those of us who have only recently gotten into it. It’s gonna feature a bunch of recognisable faces too, (Arturo is in the first chapter… kind of lol) so look forward to that!
Anyway, take a look and if you like what you see, please share and subscribe to see more. :slight_smile:



There’s quite a few grammatical errors but not a bad start.

Get someone to proofread before you publish imo.

Thanks for looking. It’s quite easy for me to change and update so its not a problem.
Can you point out which errors you noticed?

who plays sitting on the floor with a stick in their lap?

will anyone be using mas sticks in your comic

Quite a few people find the floor very comfortable to play on. Marlinpie is one of those people. As for Mas Sticks… I doubt it. What peripherals people use aren’t really the focus in the comic.

What @NickRocks wanted to say is that putting the stick on the lap defeats the purpose of playing on the floor. Players who play sitting on the floor actually put the stick on the floor.

Moved to the Comic Book forum. I think that’s about where this goes.

Now you sentenced this to a slow death :bee:

Gotcha. Minor detail though. And considering that the main character is not very good at the game, I think the idea that he’s using the stick wrong ends up being a good thing…

Anything to save me going back to changing that image basically. lol

Thank you. Didn’t notice there was one.

Chapter 2 came out last week and Chapter 3 was released this monday!

Check it out :slight_smile:

Chapter 1:

Panel 4 - And to nobodies surprise! And to nobody’s surprise.
Panel 7 - Maybe it’s time for that pay rise you’ve been looking for. Maybe it’s time for that pay raise you’ve been looking for. (Unless this is some kind of British/American standard difference that I’m not aware of.)
Panel 21 - The only way to play against real people was if you could afford to travel outside the city or if you organised a giant session at someones house. The only way to play against real people was if you could afford to travel outside the city or if you organised a giant session at someone’s house.

Chapter 2:
Panel 11: You wasn’t at work yesterday. You weren’t at work yesterday. (Unless that was intentional)
Panel 14: But I guess you forgot your a bottom tier alcoholic. But I guess you forgot you’re a bottom tier alcoholic.

Sorry it took so long. This kinda got sent to the graveyard of SRK :sad:

I need to bookmark your site.

I appreciate you for doing that!

For Panel 7, I’m not aware if that is a British/American standard difference but considering that I am British it’ll be something i’ll look into to make sure of. I know that when speaking with people in person, I’ve never in my life said “Pay raise” and have never heard another say that either. But this could be the same situation you get when people often say “should of” when “should have” is actually the correct english.

As for panels 4 and 21, I looked into that quite heavily before editing it and it seems that both “Nobodies” and “someones” are fine to use in those situations because the character is not saying “Nobody is/has” or “someone is/has”. Im not sure if someones is one of those accepted non-words but I know nobodies is actually a word that fits into the scenario.


Chapter 2 panel 11 wasnt intentional. But your right on that one.
Chapter 2 panel 14. also right on that one.

For 7: That has to be a British/American thing, because I hear pay raise quite a bit. So TMYK!

For 4 & 21: Really? I would figure the surprise has to be possessed, so it would require a possessive form. Same with the house in 21.

I had a couple for Chapter 3 but SRK ate my edit, so I’ll go back through and grab it soon.

To be fair, you are right. But this is one of the annoying (yet awesome) things about the English language - there are too many words! At the end of the day, both “Nobodies” and “Someones” are both words that are in the dictionary. And it seems that both of these words would be applicable to use in the situations I’ve used them in, just as much as “Nobody’s” and “Someone’s”. Maybe the majority of writers would use the latter being that it seems to be more “correct” when looked at on paper but then why do we even have the other two words in our language if people don’t use them? I’ll probably go back and change them anyway but I’m not convinced that their uses here are wrong. It seems like they just “look” or “feel” incorrect as apposed to them actually being incorrect.

Just released Chapter 4. Check it out here! :slight_smile:

Didn’t see any errors there, good looks!

Enjoying what you’re writing so far.

lol when I saw your name in my notifications I was like “oh shit, what mistakes have a made now” haha. Glad u enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Chapter 5 is out :slight_smile:

Please share with others if you like what I’m doing. Would be very appreciated :slight_smile: