"But...I...I shot it 5 times!" The Official Undead Shooters Thread (KF, L4D, ETC)


We’re in dire need of a drool smiley.

The Overall Gist:


  • Single player campaign. featuring bots, Co-op for up to 4 players (split screen and online on 360, LAN and online for PC). Missions are treated as “movies” with each movie being approximately one (1) hour long. “WAAAAHH it’s short!”. It’s a MP game, the replay value is endless.

  • Multiplayer VERSUS mode. featuring humans vs the horde. Humans must stick together to survive. Standard “get to this point without dieing within this amount of time gameplay”. Teams switch sides after each game or round. Whoever manages to get the farthest wins. Horde spawns are random meaning you have no control over what type of zombie you spawn as. Most likely to prevent Boomer abuse. Horde spawns are not instant, but you’re allowed to stalk the humans and decide where you want to spawn. You have to spawn away from them a certain distance and it can’t be right in front of them.

  • DLC confirmed for both platforms. Standard user modding/mapping capabilities for PC version.

  • MSRP is $50 on both platforms, BUT if you pre-order it now (in store or on Steam), you get $5 off AND early access to the demo which comes out for all those who pre-order it by next Thursday (November 6). Demo codes go out on the 5th. The demo will go live for everyone on November 11.

  • The demo will feature bots and online play for 4 players on PC, and bots with split-screen on 360. The demo will feature the previously shown hospital level “No Mercy”.

** Basically, if you can run Half-Life 2 (or any source game), you’ll be fine

  • PS3 version is…up in the air.

Videos :

- Doug Lombardi Interview

- Gameplay 1

- Gameplay 2

- Pax demo 1

- Random gameplay

Players for 360:

  1. capcomANDsnk - tagsinned

Players for PC:

  1. TheSix - Mr ShangTsung
  2. ezekial45 - ezekial45
  3. HioMrSan - HioMrSan
  4. Lil Sassy - [LLJK] Lil Sassy
  5. BIG BAD MOG - bigbadmog
  6. Figcoinc - dfigman
  7. The Fireboy - Heat128
  8. irioku - irioku
  9. KeLamity - canton_kid@hotmail.com
  10. BlodiaVulcan5 - Varuna
  11. uknowuwishuwereme - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004374265
  12. epsilon_ - deliciousjay
  13. ejdge - hijiok4@hotmail.com

Tell me your name and platform, and I’ll add you.

Game looks amazing. I’ve been a long time fan of the Zombie mods and it’s great we finally get an official one from Valve. I’ll be on the PC version. I’m sure the mods will be amazing.

Steam: ezekial45

Preordered on Steam…might even detatch me from TF2.

Grabbed it on Steam, can’t wait until the demo drops!

Fuck, I’ll post my steam id later when I log in for the demo.

I was just gonna make this. Can’t wait for the game to come out.

By the way, did anyone else see CoD’s new “Zombie” mode? Trying to get the crowds from Left 4 Dead is what I think.

e- oh wait this is the game that has random zombie encounters right

yea this is going to own :cool:

Ooh man My nephew and I will be getting this for PC Zombie survival Co-op FTW!

I got to try this game out in September and I must say that the AI teammates are superb. They work together to provide cover fire and they’ll even heal you without you having to ask for it. I talked to the rep from Valve who was standing at the booth and he said that sometimes when he plays it, he forgets that they’re AI because they’re just that damn good.

I’ma hop on it day1!

I loved the Zombie Mod for source and comparing the console graphics to the PC graphics, I think I might go with the 360 version and eventually get the PC version.

Friend Requests to Boss F1ght

Getting it for 360 day one

I’ve already got it on preorder and will be online. It’s the only reason I bought Live. I just need to find out what’s the best headset for it right now because the stock one is ass.

They have wireless one, but dont know about the quality

Iono… hl2 does NOT require 3.0 ghz. =\ I’m not exactly sure my computer can handle this game.

i am HYPTED!

this will fill my zombie quota until resident evil 5 comes out

The TV Spot


Problem…I’m gonna be late on L4D.
The payment didn’t go through…and I’m strapped for cash.

So I’m AFK until I can get it…or some more discount.

hopefully we get this in the store for discount price but I’ll be getting in on PC

I can’t remember what my steam name is though…

…sweet. Haven’t seen it on TV yet.

Neither can I. I gotta re-install TF2…

First movie.

EDIT: This is gonna be AWESOME!