Bus driver tiger uppercuts chick and throws her off bus

One of the most vicious uppercuts I’ve seen in a minute.:rofl:

She deserved it though

edit: fixed

edit#2: wtf

shows up…looks around…looks at username and tag

“Behold”, my ass! There’s nothing here! Come back when you got content.

Wow… epic fail on my part…


Damn, that bus driver must’ve been hopped up on Boost Gems :smiley:

Actually, when the bus driver flung her off the bus, was anyone else reminded of the animation on Miguel’s 1+3? He tosses her almost the same way o_O

wth srk…http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhTq85Q0SUro3x38mr

Eh it is WSHH that is like the dregs of society, even 4Chan would find them repugnant.

Yeah, that bus driver probably is going to jail.

She pushed a bus driver, which is a very very bad idea. Just imagine what the headline would of been if the guy manning the 20 ton vehicle full of passengers going 30-40 mph lost control? She could of potentially killed everyone on the bus and then some if he swerved into the other lane.

DUDE…That Fierce Tiger Uppercut instantly dizzied her and he command threw her ass off the bus for additional damage.

Dude is a one-man combo machine.

OT: I feel the same way about bitches. You want to be a man? Accept the responsibilities. Don’t cry like a bitch when you are put in your place. Also, fucking with the bus driver while driving a cab full of passengers is always a bad idea.

That being said, it takes a lot for a woman to really get me angry.

I am just waiting for a couple of people. Not sayin who.

The bus was stopped.

It looked like he stopped it after he got pushed, because you can see trees passing by in the windows at the start of the vid.

Looks like he stopped it to “handle some business” at the point she pushed him looks like they were rolling, not fast but still

You can’t just push someone and then try to fall back on the female card. McDonald’s Incident v.2?

I know who you’re talking about.

Yea sixmachine is right. She goin to jail now.

Damn EWGF.

Maybe I’m mistaken but you can hear him apply the breaks at 22 seconds in, she puts hands on him at 28 seconds in, and she takes the uppercut at 36 seconds.

For someone saying “lets go n*gga” over and over you’d think she’d at least put her hands up. Was she waiting for “Round 1, Fight!”?


Yo, me and my wife were gettin super weak at this video. This shit was too funny. Nigga got the devil gene in him or some shit. How you gonna finish your sentence with a hit confirm, lol. “You goin to jail, POW!!!”. You know she was salty because he said her face looked like someone sliced it up. Aww man this is too funny.