Bunch of Fighting Game Stuff ON EBAY - Some Rare Items Included

Hi everyone.

I justed finished posting about twenty auctions over the last couple of days. They’re almost all exclusively fighting game stuff. Included are rare 90s Japanese promo posters, custom sticks from Byrdo & Finkle, Street Fighter II Japanese UFO Catcher plushes, some PS2/PSP/GBA fighting games, strategy guides and more. I mainly just posted them for Shoruken.com and the fighting game community. Since I didn’t have an idea about prices for alot of items, I just posted them as auctions on eBay instead of here.

In anycase, I hope you’all are able to take a look. Please let me know should you have any questions.

logan235711 | eBay

I’m gunna keep an eye on a couple of those posters, nice stuff bro, and good luck!!

Hey, thanks for taking a look nakadish :smile:

I wish the prices on your sticks were switched. That Ken stick is absolutely gorgeous.

Byrdo stick and great posters! But should the buy it now price for EVO 2K DVDs be so high? Are these DVD’s really worht that much now? If so, I should have kept all of mine and sold them later… :frowning:

Good stuff, keeping my eyes on posters, guides, and the SFAC Pads…

Will keep an eye on some of that stuff… Shipping is too high on a few of those though…

just added something to my watch list.

Thank-you for the feedback. I dropped the EVO2K7 DVDs ‘Buy It Now’ price; and remember that you can always just bid on them. Maybe you’ll grab them for 5$ or so, I’m okay with that :smile:

For now I think the shipping & handling costs are fair. Most the items are irregular in size, and I always take care in providing good packaging. So for a couple of short examples: the posters are large so I’ll have to buy special containers for them and won’t be able to send them media mail. The sticks, it’ll cost be between 3-5$ for packaging and then 10-15$ for the actual postage. Also, I do offer combined shipping discounts. I’ll work out the final combined price for you after the auctions are over.

Whats the logo and art on the black and white looking stick? Is that some band or what?

Aha, yes it is representing a band (Nocternity). The art overlay is customizable, so please feel free to replace it with anything that you enjoy.

If either of those super nintendo controllers don’t sell let me know. I’ll take em.

nice items! good luck

I got one of the posters, the other one ended while i was asleep :frowning: Great price, I sent PayPal!


Yeah, some people got their items for a real steal! Such as the EVO2K7 DVDs for a dollar, and the 6 JPN Street Fighter II UFO Catcher plushes for 17$. The auction that surprised me the most was the Fatal Fury 2 Super Nintendo promo poster. It went from no bids to about 18$ in the last hour, beating out all other promo posters!

There are still a few auctions remaining, including the Byrdo and Finkle custom sticks. They’ll end in about 4-hours. The mods can mark the thread as sold after these.

Last, I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to look at my thread and items. And esp. those who bid and won the items. I just shipping out my first lot of items this afternoon, and will hopefully have everything wrapped up by early next week.

All the best,

Did those strat guides sell?

fuck you

i mean :frowning:

I got the EVO DVDs… Got em for one buck BUT AT WHAT COST??? Cause I started bidding on some other sf items that I “needed”… Like did I really need another guile to hang on the wall?? Lol

They sold, but I haven’t heard anything from the buyer yet. Would you like me to update you if they become available again?

Yup. Specifically, I want to buy the SF guides…both the SFAC and the SFAA…

Did they ever pay for the guides? If not, I we can work out a deal on SFAC and SFAA guides; I can give you more for those two than he won the whole lot for…