Building your own controller converters

Does anyone here have any experience building a controller converter? Yes, I read the converter thread, and I know I can buy some of them. I am mostly curious to see if it is possible for a do-it-yourself guy to do it at home. I am mainly interested in making a PS->Saturn one and a PS->SNES one. I am aware I could make a universal joystick and then build the separate system controllers for the stick, but that will be left to the next joystick I build–too late for the other two I have now :lol:


Just sit back and wait a little, Toodles is working on one now. He has a few things he’s working on but he made a thread about it a while back. If you know how to make PCBs and how different chips work than you should be able to do it.

The funny thing is, I could draw up a NeoGeo->Saturn and NeoGeo->SNES converter up in my sleep, just a couple of chips, no programming at all. It wouldn’t even be original, itd be stuff ganked from

But for PSX->anything, you have to be able to have the chip query the stick, and understand the response. For that, microcontrollers are the way to go.

If you seriously want to learn how to do it yourself, there’s a post in Tech Talk I made with an Arduino sketch that reads a playstation constroller. Its very basic, but it works, and can be expanded to do whatever you want; it does the hard part of actually getting the information from the controller. Arduinos are fun little toys and can do all you need.

Tototek already makes both of those converters.

QFT. If you’ve ever had any interest in this kind of stuff, get an arduino.

Wow, I had no idea it was that complicated:O I thought it was just mostly wires–I didnt think any kind of major processing was involved. Of course, I do like to learn this stuff, so it’s cool. I’ll be checking out this arduino post later after the kids go to bed.

I didnt realize the PSX was such a pain in the butt to work for. I kinda hoped it was the easiest, since there is such support for it already.

man i’m just in need of a Dreamcast to ps2 converter!