Building on an older concept

So I was thinking, through another sleepless night, about the guy who was running with j.HK loops. I was also wondering why they weren’t doing as much damage as the other, simpler setups when j.HK is clearly superior in combos to j.HP.

So I’ve been in the lab with it and I think I’ve cracked something open. I’ll try to have a video or annotation for you all soon.


Here we go. Something pretty that makes Double a scary potential battery character.

That guy is me, embed it in to your mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

And they do more damage than the usual j.HP > restand loops. I’ve been using Parasoul flashkick as an assist to really pump up the damage on Double combos, using it as a hitconfirm in the beginning of a combo, doesn’t get scaled as much and it seems to make some blockstrings safe. This is corner only but seeing as Double has no problem at all carrying you there I’ve been looking in to getting more damage when I get someone there.

c.LK, c.MK, c.HP +plink to assist - Get bounced, st.MK, st.HK - j.LK, j.MP, j.HK land rejump j.LP, j.MP, j.HK rejump j.HP, j.HK rejump j.MK xx barrel c.MK, c.HP xx Hornet Bombah

I just got the concept down but haven’t had time to actually take it further, maximizing damage etc. Hope you’re on to something better though. Finding it frustrating to combo with Double right now as she’s nowhere near some of the others in damage potential.

I’ll try. It’s hard when I take in information from 2 different boards and names are just throw everywhere. XD

Anyway, you were on to something with the j.HK, but this is where I’ve taken it. The meter gain on it vs other normals is really impressive so throwing it in a lot can help. I also know that feeling about Double’s overall damage, but she seems to have some really good reset/mixup potential so I’m focusing the end of stuff on there. If I can hit 4k on one side of a reset I consider it an achievement. There’s no need to squeeze out so much extra effort over 500 or so damage.

So I guess my motto is hit 4k and go for a reset, but I haven’t been doing a lot of assist work either. Maybe I’ll work on that Doublecock stuff and see what I can do though.

Small edit, but I’ll work on a sHK combo version later so you don’t have to fish with Avery to get this combo off.

Has anyone been making use of juggling a KO’d opponent with Avery? builds ridiculous meter