Building my own arcade cabinet (using a xbox 360)

so my first problem is doing the controls for it. I have one se stick im going to gut for player one but for player 2 do i need to have an explorer button for it or is there a cheep way of doing the second player controler

You don’t need to use the guts from an SE if you don’t want. You can padhack 360 controllers for it. Also, if you’re going to build a real cabinet, use Sanwa or Seimitsu parts instead of the ones with the SE, go the extra mile and get the authentic parts.

I’d read up everything on if you want to learn how to make the stick for the control panel. You’ll be building an arcade stick, just like any other custom. Only difference being that you’ll use a control panel attached to a cabinet instead of putting it in its own case.

Just a heads up, if you’re looking to make a cabinet on the cheap… don’t.

Even making a half assed one is going to cost you a fair amount.

I suggest some internet searches. There alot of good blueprints for cabs online in a number of styles.
This project will not be cheap ether, going cheap will just force you to spend more money down the road.

Unless you’re Jesus the carpenter, i would suggest just buying a used empty cab or Kray’s Vewlix is pretty damn nice…Too much time, money, & so much shit can go wrong when trying to build one…Plus you kind of lose interest while building haha…My cocktail cab that i was making 3 years ago, its pretty much almost done, all i need is the control panel & glass top…

Yep. If you are going for the experience and/or fun of the project, fine, but for saving money forget it. It won’t happen.
I can tell you by my arcade stick I built. It cost me about US$150 with all parts, plexi, paints… I’m fine with it because I wanted to have fun building one that would be according to my specs.

well let me add this. I work at a movie theater and we had a standee that was simply thor’s hammer. so im taking the “stone” part of the hammer and using that for my cabinet. and i already replaced my se parts with sanwa parts so that covered. As for being a good carpenter i actually got that covered. Im an architect student and on top of that i did construction for about 5 years and built houses as well as other things like dirt bike ramps and blah blah blah lol. but thanks for the heads up on the controller and ill definitely look into it.

I’m confused. Pics of the stone please.

its not a real stone. Picture thors hammer. Its got a handle and then the stone part that u do the hitting with. Well its a big card board replica of the part that u hit stuff with. Its about 4ft. wide and about 3 ft tall. im going to do some wood framing on the inside of the things to give it strength as well as a place to mount everything.
go here

just the “stone” part

So I’m still confused… Your plan is to make an arcade cabinet out of cardboard??? Even if you frame it with wood on the inside it’s still cardboard, which the last time I checked isn’t a very durable material. I need more explanations. Are you going to try and mount a monitor in that somehow? Or are you just making a very tall arcade stick to use on your TV?

Actually, cardboard is quite strong if you are able to use it correctly. I made a small bookshelf out of cardboard about 6 months ago, around 3ft tall… I put my TV on it, an old bulky tube TV. It holds up just fine. Takes some planning to make sure you brace it correctly, or an assload of cardboard if you want to go the bulk method, but it works.

That said, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that if someone is trying to save cash and make an arcade cab out of random crap they have laying around at work? They probably aren’t too big into the whole “planning” or “using it correctly” things.

Edit : Also, forgot to say. The wood framing part is actually workable if he… doesn’t try something stupid. If he basically made a skeleton of an arcade cabinet that was completely self standing and sturdy, on which he could mount the innards? Then he could just put cardboard around the outside. Think of it like building a house. Build a strong foundation, build a frame, then put up drywall and stuff. Two dangers being that if someone spilled water on it or something, he’d have to fix it (which wouldn’t be difficult, just a pain in the ass), and that unless he has mad decorating skills it will look horrid.

But yeah, instead of building a cab out of cardboard, he’d be making a skeleton and just using the cardboard to make a shell… but I don’t think he had that in mind, for some reason.

Edit edit: Oh, and in that case… my only advice is to still use wood to make the control panel part. Cardboard is stronger than you think, but I can see very few ways in which to make a control panel capable of holding up to you jerking around on it and banging in buttons and stuff.

u guys are just dumb. its not that i was trying to save money on it so i just got some crap from work. Its thors freakin hammer… its too sick not to use for something and i know what im doing when it comes to framing things im not an idiot. I am just using the card board as decoration, for the looks. everything is going to be mounted to the wood framing. Im not just half assing it

You’ll have to excuse people. How would you expect people to react when you post about wanting to make an arcade cab out of cardboard, with your first post talking about (and I quote), “Is there a cheap way…”?

Have you worked much with cardboard before? I can give you some tips I guess, I make cardboard furniture as a hobby. Or at least some links to some sites for inspiration. I’m sure once you see some things you’ll be able to figure out how it works.

sure it couldnt hurt. and by “a cheap way…” what i meant was do i need to take all the extra steps of getting the x box button on there or can i just have some buttons and a stick for 1 controller. I can see why people would think i was being real cheap but i am going to do all sanwa parts cause i want it to be nice. It still has to work well

Trying to think of whether or not the guide button would be necessary for either player. Having at least one would be good for being able to easily turn the console on without opening up, which would be a great thing to have set up with a relatively delicate casing such as cardboard. It is sturdy in certain contexts, but I think using it as side paneling isn’t one of them. Would definitely want to limit movement.

On 360 damn near any time you need to sign into a profile or something, a box will pop up asking you to do it. For most fighting games, especially being played offline only though… don’t think you absolutely need the button. That said, I would want one if only for completeness. And you know, just in case. Granted, it shouldn’t be too big of a question. Any PCB that is compatible for 360 (without an adapter, of course) should already have the button ready on the PCB. It is a total of like $2 extra to grab a button and wire it up. Just get a random third party wired 360 controller and hack the controls to that inside. You’ll have the home button, and it is probably by far the cheapest option if you don’t already have a PCB you’re intending to use.

So, You still haven’t explained WHAT the hammer is going to be. Are you mounting the controls to the cardboard? If so, keep in mind that the average hand can get quite sweaty after heavy play, and cardboard and water don’t mix well… Unless you seal it.

And btw, you need to calm down. I wasn’t insulting you at all, I am just trying to grasp what it is you are trying to accomplish. Name calling is unnecessary and rude.

My suggestions for building a strong cabinet are, fiber glassing; or rondoing the inside; or molding the whole stick in molding rubber and molding a strong resin/plastic into the mold then painting it. The first method is cheap while the second is very expensive.

Good to hear. I would of left the hammer as is or as a model/ borrow the design idea for the actual cab, but its your project not mine.
You pull this off right, make the project look clean as you come out looking Pro.

Still I think your idea would work. Maybe some sealant or the top panel being plexy so that the players seat do not ruin such a nice hammer.
But I think you already factor all this in, as I don’t fully know how are you going about this. Best advice I can give is measure the dimensions of that hammer thing.
Measure twice cut once

Guys, codallenschmidt using the hammer for decoration not as the main frame or structure. So everyone chill, please.

Telling us to chill is irrelevant. Nobody is getting up in arms about this thread other than the tc. I still want to know what part of the cabinet the hammer will be. I’m really not trying to be a dick, I am just having a hard time grasping what exactly the hammer will be for.