Building my first arcade controller - some questions

I’m going to make a hitbox-like controller (keyboard player for a long time myself).
I will build case myself out of wood.
I’m going to buy these OBSF-30, are they even legit Sanwas?
What PCB can you recommend? Cthulhu is kinda pricy (almost 50 pounds), with shipping Dual Strike will be almost the same (I’m im UK now). I have Saitek pad compatible with PC and PS3, it can be plundered for PCB, and I don’t mind soldering, but I have no idea where to solder. This one should work for PS3 / PC games, right?
Besides this and some wires, do I need anything else to make a controller? Like some special housings or whatever?

'Fraid not, chummer. Those are knock-offs.

Fair enough. Sooo…any PCB on a budget (or places where I can get above mentioned PCBs for a lower pirce)?
Or it’s not that hard to figure out to which contact on the generic pad PCB should I solder dem wires?

You are better off with a Cthulhu over raping a PS3 controller for its tasty PCB inside.
It isn’t hard with many 3rd party pads to hack and get working or if someone has a gutted PCB from a stick.
But your performance and reliability may suffer, the Cthulhu is made for these kind of projects in mind.

ps360+ all the way IMO =)

Not necessarily, the PS360+ is a great all in one PCB for PS3 and Xbox360 with some Dreamcast, OG XB and PS2 support, while the regular Cthulhu tunes just for the PS3 and the Multi Console (MC) Cthulhu does legacy systems the PS360+ does not support.