Building fight stick

I’m in the processes of building a fightsick. I have a question about the left and right triggers on a 360 controller. Since they have a pot on them, some people say to use a resistor between the PCB and the push buttons. One guy says use a 470 ohm, and in another video he said use a 10K ohm. Which one do I use?

470 ohm would be closer to what you would want. More likely you want to use the value that would read neutral or Zero movement as possible. But if you are not using the triggers you can leave the pots in place, set them to neutral and use a dab of hot glue to keep the pots from moving.

So where does the 10K come in to play? Is that for the analog sticks? I’m going to be using a MadCatz wired controller, and plan on putting the left and right triggers there anyway, and set it up like a hitbox.

just leave the little pot switch there, no need for resistors or anything. I removed the plastic trigger parts around it, but I left the physical pot switch on the PCB. I just hot glued the switch so it won’t accidentally turn. It should be left in the up/open position; if you wire it and doesn’t do anything, it maybe in the closed/off position. Turn the pot switch all the way to the other side and the button should work now. I’ve been using my wireless PCB hack with all 8 buttons this way, don’t know why people always say you need to remove the pot switch and replace it with a resistor, just keep it as-is and you’re done.

The usual pots on pad triggers are 10k, so I wouldn’t use less than 4.7k, and would almost always use 10k. Using a value of 470 ohm is not recommended because it would be way too much power wasted to heat. Used this way, resistors always will go between the middle pad and one of the outside pads; which one depends on the pad itself.

Well I guess I will test run before I seal it up.
I have been playing mk9 with an 8 button layout. Set up like:
1 blk 2 4
3 tag _ _

is there a second A button solder point?