Building arcade stick soldering problem

Hello Forum

Im building my own Arcade stick at the moment and im having a problem:
I got the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick with the fitting cable and i soldered the cables for the signals to a 360 pcb, but now i have no idea where to solder the black cable for the ground connection to. The pcb im using is this one:
The problem is that the directions dont have a common ground. i soldered it to the red common but obviously i only get up or down on all the directions.
Please help me.

The problem is that you would need all four directions to be on the same Common Line for it to work. What you must do is cut the traces on your Sanwa JLF TP-MA PCB so that the joystick is no longer for a Common Ground PCB.

That is just an example. Cut all of the traces, then solder a microswitch to the signal and the direction’s corresponding common for each microswitch. You don’t need to use the harness for this.

Or you can find a common ground PCB, if this sounds like too much trouble.

oh ok. i guess i check first if one of my controllers has one common for the directional buttons. Thanks a lot for the quick response.

It can also have a shared common line among the directions, like the PS3 SIXAXIS. That will also work.

Do you mean soldering cables to all the grounds of the signals and putting them together to one cable that goes into the stick? Doesnt that create a signal overload or something like that? Cause after i used the common ground for up and down, left and right also send the up and down signal.

I mean, like if all of the directions had shared the same common, like up and down are on the orange common, and if left and right had also been on an orange common, then it would work with the harness, too. Common ground is just easier because it will always work.

Yes. I just think i screwed up the pcb at the first try. Its strange. It works (exept for the stick) in the control panel of my pc where i can test the buttons, and in the game menu of SSF4AE for Pc it works too but when i get to character selection it doesnt work. I cant choose any character and cant go back, and in the game most buttons dont work either. So i needed a new anyway. Otherwise i would do it with the harness.

Im pretty sure thou that one of my wireless controllers is the late version and has a common, so i can just use the black cable of the standart joystick cable.

Im hoping for your help again. I just unscrewed one of my wireless controllers and its a version i dont have a guide to on to, so i dont really know if they all share a common. But it looks like it cause the spots dont have fine lines that lead somewhere but immediatly go into this glowy surface. I made a picture: Hopefully you can make out something.

ok, just tryed it, its a shared common and my Arcade stick is working already. Now going to do the buttons.

I was actually having a similar problem with my ps2 stick. I can pick characters, but in match/training mode/game screen, the punch buttons don’t work at all.

Is this strictly a PCB issue??

I need more info about your situation. What game are you playing, and what kind of stick are you using? Also, what kind of mods have you done to it?

Hori hrap2
any ps2 game
only swapped buttons.

Punches work in game menus, but not in actual matches/training mode. (square, triangle, R1)

That’s… Really weird. Are the buttons properly assigned in the menu? I know it’s lame, but that’s all I can honestly think of.

Yeah believe me I checked.
Weird thing too, I use my Laugh convertor on my PC and everything works fine.
Soooo I’m thinking the convertor is giving it enough power to work??? haha i dunno

Wait, your inpin converter works fine? That’s super-weird. Super-duper weird. I really am baffled. Replacing your PCB would work, probably, unless if ghosts are haunting your stick. But, I really have no clue what the problem is. :shake:

Yeah I dunno. Probably voodoo spirits.