Building another Cab. Worklog -Planning

So I have long been on the search of a Candy Cab at a reasonable price. Long Story Short, nothing has come close to what I want for the price I want.

I stumbled upon a worklog that someone made on the BYOAC forums and have decided to base my build off of his…

This is his build, in it’s entirety…

Wooden Candy/Astro City Updated 16JUN10 [99% Complete]

I plan to modify his work to better suit what I plan on using.

The big difference will be that I am going to use my Sega HSS-0130 as my control panel rather than just using the panel bolted onto the wood.

Rather than the “Shelf” being there and about 5 inches thick, Mine will be around 3/4" and have my HSS sitting on it. I will use 2 of the already existing holes on the bottom metal panel to secure it to the shelf.

The only other thing I want to change is the top of the cab where the speakers and Lightbox are. I don’t want it to be as blocky as his is. I may put a slight angle to them so it has that Aero City look to it.

I have toyed around with the Idea of Fiberglassing the whole thing once it’s done and having it sprayed at an autobody shop, but i’m not too sure whats involved with all of that. I know it would look good, almost like actual plastic, but I’ve never really messed around with fiberglass / resin.

This project is still a ways off befre I even begin, just figured i’d start my worklog / planning now…

Any input would be greatly appreciated…


Keep it the way it is. Dont fiberglass it. I’ve worked with fiberglass and resin tons of times before. It looks good, but there’s tons of health risks if you dont use a NIOSH approved respirator for organic vapors. Plus it’s a pain to work with in large scale.

If you really want something easier, try using Bondo body filler. You’ll still need a respirator, but you can fill in the wooden seems and gaps and sand it down smooth. Then paint over it. Heck you could even try painting it yourself, if you mess up, all you have to lose is just sanding it back down and then taking it to the auto body paint shop.