Building a "WASD" type controller for SSF4 possible?


I’m new to this section, forgive my english if I make mistakes it’s not my first language.

I would like to build a controller for PS3 (SSF4) that would use a WASD style key configuration for the left hand, like a keyboard, and if possible the right hand would use Arcade FightStick style buttons. Being an electronic engineer student it would also be an interesting project for me.

I’m still a bit new to SSF4, I come from “Gunz: The Duel” which is also a game that requieres fast finger execution; the idea would be to build an efficient left hand key config like I did for GunZ.

The config would look like this:

Right Hand:
6buttons (from an Arcade stick)

Left Hand:
3fingers on a WASD type button layout.
pinky can press 1 or 2 buttons (as if it was shift&ctrl on a keyboard; these would be the button 7 & 8 on the fightstick)
thumb can press UP (like spacebar for jump)

It would make High Jumps easier (“S”->Thumb) or Dash faster than with a stick, at least for me. You also wouldn’t need TK motion (Thumb->S->SD->D for example).

Here is more or less what it would look like ideally (“O” being Sanwa buttons)
… _________________________
…/… /
…/…W…O O O…/ /
…/…A S D…O O O…/ /
./ O…/ /
/ O…O…/ /
__/ /

But I don’t know how to start and where to find information which is why I’m posting here^^;.

I have access to a few old keyboards, a few pads and a SSF4 TE Arcade FightStick.

I don’t know where to find information about the TE stick mechanism, like datasheets and such to find a solution. Or PS3 controller info, I could always merge the PS3 controller keys into a keyboard, would be good to start with and I wouldn’t need to risk my TE stick for a first attempt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance!

i am building one atm, i though of another layout as you ll see on the following pictures.

you may get both layout installed so you d have in fact 2 buttons for down, or 2 buttons for up. one of them under the thumb, wich is the idea behind my design.

Bencao74 sells plexis like this:

See his plexi thread for more information.