Building a new arcade desk

Hello all,

Since this is my 1st post here (or any site like this for that matter :slight_smile: ), I thought this might be a good place to get feedback on my recent project, after all, it has been inspired by a couple of sites just like this one.

Anyways, more to the the point, I have been thinking about building an arcade type desk, to house my lovely T.E stick along with a console / games / flat screen monitor and speaker system, mainly to give the feeling of an arcade machine without trying to fit a cumbersome full size cabinet in my relitively tiny room :). I have made quite a few concept designs over the last month or so, and would like to know if anyone has any constructive suggestions that they would like in an arcade type desk.

I have also found a way to produce around 7 of these type stands per week, so may think of selling them as a part time thing, could this be successful? or has others tried and failed? Any input would be greatly apprieciated.

If you post your concept designs or sketches, people can give better feedback. It’s kinda hard to visualize what you have created or how big it would be. - draw it for us with sketchup, it’s so easy!

hey guys, yeah i forgot the minor detail of actually putting my concept sketches on here, i have one saved as a .jpg, can i post it on here somehow? please excuse my noob question…

ya gotta find some hosting for the image. like photo bucket or something

but I wouldn’t mind making something like this.

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“arcade desk concept”></a>

I hope this has worked! :slight_smile:

Try again…

that looks great! how big is the monitor going to be?

thanks monk, my current screen is 40 inch… i think i may buy a smaller screen for this project though, i may also extend the desktop area for two joysticks. the whole idea is for people to use their existing sticks and lcd tv and turn them into an arcade machine cheaply, thankfully i have a few friends in the woodwork business with a factory, so i could knock these things out pretty cheaply without sacrificing quality.

Just the other day I was thinking about doing something like this. Unfortunately I have zero woodworking knowledge. You’re design looks pretty doable though. I’d like to see pics when you’ve finished it :slight_smile:

Well im kind of hoping to have a small scale prototype done at the weekend, then the weekend after id like to be at a stage where the parts are being cut out ready to be put together. Think i might put street fighter 4 vinyl images up the sides and in between the speakers at the top. Once im complete, i hope to sell a few in a little ebay shop! :slight_smile: Thats a little way off yet though, and i really need to do a bit of market research!! My aim would be to try and sell them at $99 per unit, but i dont know if thats realistic yet.