Building a multi system stick

I’m getting a new stick built that will hopefully be capable of playing on an xbox 360, PS2, and Saturn.

I was wondering if there are any particular things to watch out for when it comes to 360 and saturn wiring.

Sorry for making a new thread, but I couldnt find the 360 stuff in the official stuff.

Any general info on multi-platform sticks will be of use.

I think you should disassemble one o those $30 multisystem-sucks-ass-I-can’t-believe-this-shit-is-a-stick stick.

Other (maybe easier and/or simpler) way is to just get the ps2->my-system adaptors. FTW

That would be my pick :wonder:

Only thing to watch out for the x360 padhacking is that they pretty much all require multiple grounds - can’t daisy chain it all like a PS2 pad. That, and the solder points for the d-pad on the official microsoft controller are a bitch.

or go the way of making project boxes

which converters work the best? I bought one for pc and it didnt work well at all.

do any of the multi system adaptors work for the saturn?

good to know about the 360 controllers.

project boxes?

basically you have your controller pcbs in a box instead of inside the joystick and you use a method to connect the box to your joystick (most use db-15 connectors) and you have dedicated system controls instead of converters

I too am wondering what converter would work best for PS2 > DC. Do some/all converters lag? I’d need the DC for MvC2, so I don’t think I could stand any lag in that.

Resurrected an ancient thread to ask a converter question when there is a live, dedicated thread just for converters?

Oops. Yeah I found this thread through search. And I also found that live dedicated one through search as well. Problem is I found this one first, and already posted, before I found the current one. >.<