Build Your Own Arcade Cab! DIY Guide & Plans

Hey Everyone,

I recently purchased, restored, & modded a HSS-0130 (Virtua Stick Pro) with Sanwa Parts and some UFBs. Decided to built a Cab / Stand for it. Although it was made for the HSS-0130 the design can be adapted for any stick or custom control panel. Just wanted to share hoping to inspire everyone to get their projects going. Have fun guys! Hit me up if you have any questions…

Link to Video Guide:

Dropbox Link to PDF Plans:

Some photos of my build:


Great work! And it’s very nice of you to share the plans too.

I’ve had plans to do something very similar with an HSS-0130 for a very long while… although that plan is VERY dependent on me actually getting an HSS-0130. :smiley:


This is some good work. I’ve been thinking about building some type of cabinet setup. Might be going the bartop route but this is still a good start since too many DIY cabinets don’t have fighting games in mind.

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awsome man please share when its ready!