Bug with balrog and juri

fix it ok

  1. Pretty sure there’s already a thread for this.
  2. You’d probably have an easier time if you actually explained what the issue is.

I don’t think anyone here works for Capcom. You’ll have better luck by posting this on the official forums.

I like the custom juri alt

LOL. That is nothing. Juri has it worse. With her, it’s like you need to modify a standard BnB for every match so that something doesnt whiff. There are times when you hit someone with a pinwheel and they dont get knocked down(im looking at you Sakura). Then there’s the FSE. Sometimes you get the far version of a normal when the close version would hit. Just learn the character specific combos.

If they’re going to fix anything they should fix this:

That’s not a bug. Clearly that last hit is going to whiff because her stance makes her out of range. Learn to adjust. Pretty much every other character on the roster has to keep things like that in mind when facing different opponents.


Sakuras has a fair few matches where her Crouch HP in to EX Tatsu will whiff out. Mind you patch notes said they were fixing that.

Definitely this is a very common occurrence for pretty much every member of the cast. They have to adjust their combos against certain other characters because of hitbox problems. Sometimes it actually works in your advantage… a strange hitbox may let you do a bigger combo than normal.

The only answer is to adjust and learn your matchups.

Juri stuff: There is a good chance the forward/strong link not working under FSE is on purpose. Considering Juri is temporarily under the rules of her magic-series chain combos, it may be that they want you to only do certain chain combos that do not include traveling from short to strong. Or there is a pre-requisite to the chain. Overhead not working, however, is strange.

OP: Yeah…you’re having some character specific shit going on there, which is normal. Lemme shuffle over to the Boxer section and maybe they can help you out.

replace c.lk with s.lp and you should be allgood.


or cr.mp if you want the headbutt.

Or… instead of c.jab-c.short you could c.jab-c.jab-hb
Her leg bieng lifted effects the hitbox for the c.short