Bubbles in my Polycrylic HELP

I’m having a lot of trouble applying Polycrylic to my custom joystick. I keep getting these small bubbles popping up every where. I tried thinning out the Polycrylic with both water and lacquer thinner. No go there. I let the Polycrylic sit for a couple days. No go there. I used a variety of brushes including foam. Helped a little but still the bubbles haunt me.:mad: I tried spray can several times but the results where really bad. What do you guys do to get a bubble free finish on your joysticks. Any help is greatly appreciated.


tedious but probably the easiest way to get the best results.

Yell at them. Always works for me. Also works on bugs.


I can kind of picture that happening :rofl:

I tried that actually but when I tried to polish it…well it didn’t polish at all. I tried paste finishing wax and regular car wax both failed. I sanded with 600 grit. Could you possibly detail your process more. For that matter could anyone detail there process.