Brutality - July 2015 - Results

Shoutouts to: Dalton, Will, Brendon, Quentin, Eric, Johnny, Chase, and anyone else I forgot for helping out and bringing equipment to the event.

We had a couple problems with sign ups, but that will definitely not happen again. Thankfully the stream is almost 100% operational. Still having some audio issues to iron out, but now that things are almost perfect the set up for future Brutality events will not be nearly as difficult. Looking forward to that!

Let’s all work hard to get more people to attend the event in August! Scroll to the bottom for the date of Brutality - August 2015.


FGCitizen Award for Spring Season - Quentin Ross

Spring Championships 2015 Round Robin
Champion - Tylenolz
Runner-Up - Action Adam Jackson
3rd (tie) - Unlucky
3rd (tie) - Bad News Brendon
4th - TheRedCyclone
5th - Zubastian

Kenshinoyo and MKLEGEND were unable to participate.

MKX Summer Season 2015 - Meet 1
1st - Action Jackson (Flame Fist / Dragon’s Fire)
2nd - Tylenolz (Hish-Qu-Ten)
3rd - Dean IMH (Kano)
4th - TheRedCyclone
5th - MPII The Ronin (Predator)
5th - cR | Skcorpion86 (Kung Lao)
7th - Bad News Brendon (Master of Souls / Boneshaper)
7th - Mac
9th - Arkayne (Ravenous)
9th - Zubastian
9th - JoNeZ (Kung Lao)
9th - Advilz
13th - Sylar (Dragon’s Fire)
13th - Wicked Wraith
13th - Sinow Beat
13th - The Relic (Ninjutsu)
17th - Johnny Z.
17th - Ninja Stewart

KI Summer Season 2015 - Meet 1
1st - Dalton Gilgamesh Fell
2nd - Bad News Brendon Sharp
3rd - The 18th Terry King Jr
4th - Arkayne
5th - Angels and Demons LP
7th - Zubastian
7th - Pope Temmy
9th - MPII The Ronin

Summer Season Power Rankings

9pts - Action Jackson
8pts - Tylenolz
7pts - Dean IMH
6pts - TheRedCyclone
5pts - MPII The Ronin
5pts - cR | Skcorpion86
4pts - Bad News Brendon
4pts - Mac
3pts - Arkayne
3pts - Zubastian
3pts - JoNeZ
3pts - Advilz
2pts - Sylar
2pts - Wicked Wraith
2pts - Sinow Beat
2pts - The Relic
1pt - Johnny Z.
1pt - Ninja Stewart

9pts - Gilgamesh
8pts - Bad News Brendon
7pts - The 18th King
6pts - Arkayne
5pts - Angels and Demons LP
4pts - Zubastian
4pts - Pope Temmy
3pts - MPII The Ronin

Next event: August 29th!

Videos coming soon!

Full event video is now available on the PowerUp YouTube Channel!

The playlist will be updated soon with the Top 5 Plays of the Day from Brutality - July 2015.