Brooks PS4+ Audio dropping connection?

Hey guys!

Just finished a build with the Brooks PS4+ and it only works some of the time. Sometimes it won’t read right away when I plug it in and then sometimes it reads automatically. I can play matches with no problems for 15-20 minutes and then it will suddenly stop responding. The blue light is still on the board so I know the connection is solid and it’s getting power. I just updated the firmware through the Brooks website and everything seems to be working properly.

Has anyone had an issue like this and what was your solution? Thanks!

Is it still doing it since you updated the firmware? That was most likely the cause based on what you are saying.

Not sure. I didn’t have time to test it further today. I’m going to play as much as I can in the next few days to prepare for EVO though and I’ll report back!

Yeah make sure you get that fixed. I remember them doing a PS4 update around the start of last EVO in 2016 and a lot of people were getting disconnected during their matches. Brooks is good about updating firmware in 24 hours though so just make sure to check that page for updates every few months.

So I got to play for about 35 minutes last night and didn’t have any drops. The only weird thing is that the PS4 doesn’t recognize my stick until I hit the start button. Is that normal?

I know they have different modes, but mine does not do that. If you wiggle the usb where you plug it into the board does it disconnect like this?

No, but I think I figured out the issue. I’m still using the USB-B port with a pro cable adapter and by hitting the PS button on my stick, it both activates that port over the mini USB on the Brooks and syncs the controller. As far as the previous drop outs, they seem to have stopped since the firmware update. Fingers crossed for no issues at EVO!

Yeah you’re good.

Got absolutely bodied at EVO but the stick performed great!