Brooks ps3 to ps4 super converter with my te stick

i recently got the converter and do not know how it works. I updated the firmware with a normal ps3 controller because I can not use the ps button on my stick. It is located on the turbo panel and had to cut the functionality of it in order to easily install a ps360+ pcb some time ago. Has anyone else come across a similar problem?

If you’re talking about the “Home/Xbox/Guide” button, well, that’s needed to update the firmware on both the Brook super converters and the fighting boards. The most recent beta firmware will let you update without needing a controller, but you need to Private message or ping the Brook programmers for it, as it’s not a final release.

Anyway, you NEED the Home/PS/Xbox/Guide button. Did you destroy the panel or something?
You’re sort of screwed without that button You don’t have the guide button wired to something on your PS360+?
You can even wire it to a kick button and update the firmware, then re-wire the kick button.

on the ps3 console, the ps button is my start and select buttons together

Yeah I see. Just PM Zippy for beta firmware if you still need it. Later firmware releases won’t require the combo keys system anymore.

yeah i have the new firmware so i think it will work if i get the xbox360 to ps4 adapter? since this adapter is compatible with the te stick