Brook USB / Retro joystick PCB feature requests

Yes I know that the Cthulhu and the 360 Plus have both been “frozen in time”. You’re going to be no more improvements for those.

But the Brooke equipment like the universal USB fighting board and the Brook retro fighting board and various converters, are constantly being worked on therefore it’s reasonable to assume that if brook thinks there is a market in adding to their equipment that would make sense to. they’ll do it.

The point of this thread is to see how many people would like these extra features.

  1. More than just fighters: Maybe there is more of a demand for joysticks in other categories besides fighters. Yes I understand with the name like that the majority of people’s number one issue would be fighting games. But your number one fighting game is not your spouse. (even though some people would argue to be number one at something, you have to pick it as your gaming equivalent of a spouse.) it’s okay to play other games besides your number one character in your number fighting game.

Which means there might be a decent enough market relatively speaking for other systems is the only thing you have to do is program the chipped understand the language and to build a physical adapter. Ideally every system should have it but really how much Work versus Payout is there to do an Emerson Arcadia 2001 fightstick (at least based on my perception of the market as an American. I know games from the similar family of systems which did better in Europe and Asia mainly because Atari didn’t threaten to sue them so Emerson just neutered the games. my point is how many people want high-quality fightstick for games that are just very badly neutered versions of arcade games vs other more popular thing.

  1. More systems. Probably the two biggest holes in the Cthulhu and 360 plus collection after Brook can address it’s probably the Nintendo 64 and the three systems that work off the Wii nunchuck plug, the Wii Classic Controller, the NES Mini and the SNES Mini.
other systems

I understand one of the limits is the eight channels of communication presents in an ethernet port. I guess in theory a new version could be made with two ethernet ports back to back. it would be back really compatible with all systems that work with one ethernet port. So you could fill another Gap by using two ethernet ports can do Sega Genesis by having a ninth Channel required for DB9 connection.

Some easy systems to get out of the way would be ones that are simple as 1 pin equals 1 signal, such as the Atari 2600 including booster grip, the Atari 7800, the Bally Astrocade, the Neo Geo, and Sega Master System. Those are all considered uncoded and should be easy to do. Just route and shut up. Also if it’s easy to externalize an internally hooked up Odyssey 2, I assume the Odyssey 2 joystick is uncoated therefore works directly just as well.

Even among native owners there’s enough of a cry for an Atari 5200 controller where it makes sense to have a fighting stick solution for that, even though there’s nothing we’d recognize those fighting games they’re still excellent games that work well with a 4 way or 8 way joystick.

The hard ones that would be tough would be Atari Jaguar, 3DO, ColecoVision super action and ColecoVision standard, and Intellivision, in both INTV 1 mode, INTV 2 mode, And INTV flashback mode.

Maybe someone would want a Fairchild Channel F, and a Vectrex. The only other US system I can think of is probably the CDI. And he got systems for all over the world.

  1. Common arrangements. I noticed there’s a company, which took over for some old PlayStation to other device adapter maker , the problem is they only have one arrangement and it always assumes you’re working off a PlayStation 1 pad and not offer fightstick for any system. if you plug the PlayStation one fightstick if you’re assuming you’re going to get Genesis fightstick out, you are sorely mistaken.

Therefore there should either be a programming box which lets you set it up any old way you want, keeping in mind the tournament rules of SOCD, or if nothing else it should allow for a few common layouts.

The three biggest ones I could argue for that I don’t see our presence in a brook, are YBA on Super Nintendo, and the Duke arrangements for original Xbox, add an alternate arrangement that can easily be applied to an Xbox One or PS4 joystick which can be use for Sega Genesis mode on the collection, due to the one weird fact of Xbox control programming that the triggers are considered immovable. So even if you could software OS adjust the controller there’s no way you could get a Sega Genesis arrangements on an Xbox One fightstick. Frankly kind of short-sighted of Sega.

The case for SNES YBA

I was seeking to use yba because most joystick makers even Nintendo of Japan and Capcom an ASCII all use yba arrangements as a bottom row for their fight sticks. As a matter of fact all street fighter SNES ROMS, have a switch just said a tin the gioi sick mode which lets the yba work as quick kick, medium kick, heavy kick.

Even those manufacturers understand the benefits of yba. for Super Mario World holding down Y and jumping would be would be easier if they’re on the same row than if you stack the Y button on top of the B button making an awkward hold and press. Similarly troubling would be Super Ghouls and Ghosts and dig a Man X where your hand position would be way awkward. it’s almost as awkward (at least to me, but other says it works fine) to 180 the standard joystick and play right handed stick that way without accounting for the contour.

For the original Xbox the most logical arrangement to me would be the Duke arrangement, however I could not figure out the logic that other companies use for the original Xbox fight game weatherby Cthulhu or 360 Plus or Brook. I don’t know where the original Xbox play out is but if it doesn’t equal the Duke layout, I have no idea what they’re programming for him.

Also I don’t know if the turbo graphics has the street fighter mode with 6 buttons.

Finally the fact that the triggers are immovable on the Xbox OS should allow for more friendly maneuvers so you can play Sega Genesis so that XYZ and rewind are the top row and ABC and fast forward are the bottom row.

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