Brook Sega Saturn to PS4 converter

I’m creating this thread to see if anyone might be interested in this. I’ve talked to Brook and they might consider making one if there’s enough demand for it. With the release of SFV and pad players being disappointed in the Mad Catz Fightpad Pro, this will be a great alternative. I’m aware that we have the Hori pads, but I think most us can agree that they could be better.

I’d be down.

2 for me personally & 4 for gifts.


Also +1 vote for legacy system support being added to the Brook Universal Fighting Board :prayer:

I have money in my hands, right now, that I would spend for one of these! I have one of those crappy chinese knock-off USB Saturn controllers, but SFV does not recognize the D-Pad, despite being able to re-map all the face buttons.

The legacy drivers don’t pick up everything, just known devices from a set list of PS3 controllers. The Knock off Saturn Controllers were designed for the PC.

I would most definitely be down to buy at least a couple of these. If brook can see me im waving my hand in air with money!!! I was in the process of making one but will wait if Brook will make some. I had written to them also about making a limited edition or stock of these. That Saturn D-pad was/is the best, why no one has tried to just duplicate it over the years is mystery.

Brook…please make some please!!!

i would be interested.

I’m interested as well.

Is there enough old stock of official Saturn pads out there that new players who would buy this would buy those pads?

Waaay more stock saturn pads out there in the wild, than endangered (and pricey) $EGA $L$ pads that’s for sure.

Would also be great for us HSS-0130 & HSS-0136 fans :slight_smile:

I have about 10 :wink: unless I took them all, they aren’t hard to come by and fairly cheap.

I always seem to buy sega saturn pads I like the feel of when I visit retro gaming stores. I would be down.

I would get one

I’d be down for one if the price was right. I’ve an old HSS-0136 lying around that might as well see some use.

I’d be down, but how would it handle the shortage of non-gameplay buttons on the Saturn controller? (ie, only Start).

Put the buttons on the converter. Just Slap a Home and Touch pad key button and were good.

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Agree with this! If it can also work with a hss0130 that’d be fantastic as well.

Wondering what would be enough interest for them to consider making this im terms of numbers?

I would be interested! Also if it could work on megadrive controller that would be cool.

Totally down. I’d probably get at least 2, and if he would make them for Saturn to XB1, I’d get at least 2 of those as well.