Broken Tier T-Shirt Group Buy thread

Hey guys,

a bunch of us are looking to get some shirts from

There are a few things about for this GB:

  1. **You have to pay me before I put in the order, or your order doesn’t make it in. ** The latest I’m putting in the order is April 30th as there are some pre-order only colours available for some of these tees. You can pay me if you see me in person, or paypal me (if you use paypal CC, you’re covering the PP fees).

  2. You either have to live in the GTA, or you go to tournaments in the GTA on a regular basis (so it’s easier to pick up the shirts).

  3. I’m not making a cut from this. Just helping out the community and save on shipping for people.

Right now everything is preliminary. And no prices have been set yet. I’ll update this post as info comes in.

I’ve been told American Apparel tees are a snug fit, so if you’re unsure of your size, I’d suggest hitting up your local AA store and try the t-shirt on.

You can check out their selection here:

So please let me know what you want to order in the following Format:

<Shirt Name> : <Colour> : <Size> and Number of shirts if you want more than one for some reason. And if the shirt only has one colour, just leave it blank.

I’ll keep this post up to date with your order, so if you don’t see your name or the order in this post is wrong, let me know.

  • Orders

LOOKS LIKE IT’S TIME … : Black / Red : Small
MASH UNTIL IT WORKS : Purple / Green : Small

MASH UNTIL IT WORKS : Purple / Green : Large

AHVB : : Large

AHVB : : Medium
LOOKS LIKE IT’S TIME … : Black / Red : Medium

AHVB: : XLarge
MASH UNTIL IT WORKS : Purple/Green: XLarge

MASH UNTIL IT WORKS : Black/White : Large

TIGER FOIL: Black : extra large

MASH UNTIL IT WORKS / Purple - Green : Large (One)

as long as shipping isn’t rape

will complete when I get home

AHVB : Large : 2

FUCK you noodleman

one AHVB shirt in a medium for me

AHVB: XLarge
Mash Until it Works: Purple/Green: XLarge

If shipping is rape though, I might be out.

ok guys, so here’s some details i got from those guys:

“About 9 shirts can fit into a medium flat rate box, the shipping for each of those is $27.About 13 shirts can fit into a large flat rate box, the shipping for each of those is $34.”

I just gave them my address for an exact quote, but shipping looks to be about $2-3 per shirt. I’m asking about any duties for international shipping, which there likely will be.

MASH UNTIL IT WORKS: Black/White: Large

AHVB : Large : 1

Sorry, just changing my order.

TIGER FOIL: extra large, Black

sorry count me out
i didn’t really like any of hte designs :\

hey noodles can you put me down for a red hakan one as well, when are you planning to put the order through

Hey guys! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. We’ll try to give you guys the cheapest shipping option we can. You can either PM me here, or just post in the thread.

I think we should get in the order soon times… It seems like we have 9 shirts right now… ends up being like 3 bucks per shirt for shipping…

How much would I end up owing you noodle?

I dunno if I’m going to see you again before my flight so I can pass on the cash to Anant and then he can pass it on to you. Only if that is fine with you guys though. If you don’t wanna do it like that, then I can take my order out of the group buy.

EDIT: Nvm, I just saw Dave’s second post. He got another shirt so we can’t do the medium flat rate box.

thanks! I’ve actually been emailing with Amber regarding shipping already, i’ll put in the order tonight through Amber!

ok guys, going to put in the order tonight.

any last minute changes?

I emailed Amber about the order, let me know if she needs anything else to make sure I have the preorder colour tees!

You’re all good, Noodleman. We got the e-mail this morning, and I’ll be putting in the orders tonight. Thanks so much for the order!

Hey noodles,
Great thread!


SIZE: both large
Shirts: AHVB and OF COURSE the TIGER shirt.

FUCK… im too late =[