Broken Fight Stick

I recently decided to get into the fighting game platform and bought my first fight stick. I bought a Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fight stick from Hori and found it very helpful. Two days ago it stopped working. It is not being recognized by my Xbox 360 and wont turn on when plugged in. The weird thing is when I plug it in the green ring around the power button on the fight stick will flash just for a second. I have tried multiple USB ports in my 360, another xbox, unplugging it, restarting the system and am at a loss. I brought it into Gamestop and my local video game store and was told to come to this website for help. If anyone can help out in anyway that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I believe that your stick needs a new USB cable.

Thanks for the heads up man Ill try looking for it. Do you know where I can get a new USB cable for my stick?

Any USB cable will do. I prefer Monoprice cables. Just cut one end off and strip some of the shielding off. Then solder the new cable to the PCB.

I am really not that good with technology and that sounds pretty hard. Is there any place you know that can do that for me? I’d be willing to pay for it since another fight stick will set me back a couple hundred dollars minimum. Also are you sure its the USB cable? Does this happen a lot because I read another thread that talked about how pulling on the fight stick may dislodge some wires so that would make sense for my fightstick.

Also thanks for all the help