Broken Connector Cable, if replaced should fix stick

Stick is an xbox 360 hori kai. The stick itself is in great condition, but the part that connects from the stick itself to an external dongle cord is broken, and thus it can’t power on. (I have taken it out of the and taken a picture, links are below. This is NOT the dongle/external usb port, this is the part that goes from the stick TO one of these.

Would anyone know how I could get a replacement? I tried a qanba replacement from arcade shock, but it didn’t fit with the hori one. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything.


You can always wire a plain USB cable to the solder points. I do not think individual parts are available for purchase.

If somebody ripped their cable off a mini Xbox One controller for a padhack rather than desoldering it you could use that, but as JRDIBBS said you’re best off just soldering on a new one.

Looks identical to a Xbox 360 wired controller cable too:

… maybe except for the cable relief.

Just know the connector pinout going to the PCB may not be the same as what your original USB cord had.

Since the color coding for the cables on the 5 pin JST connector looks like in the same order, it might be the same pinout. Wouldn’t surprise me, since the wired standard controller has that the same dongle and the same connectors.

Nonetheless there’s no guarantee the pinout is the same… PLUS those cables are quite harder to find from US resellers than a standard USB cable. But if you stumble upon a broken Xbox 360 wired controller, it may be worth a try…

A more costly solution would be to get a ps360+ and move the wiring from the current harnesses to it. You could use any usb cable with the B connector and no soldering required.