BringIt! Challenge. Play. Earn


BringIt acts as a secure third party that can let you set up cash prizes for games. Just set up a challenge - one on one or tournament and agree a prize amount. Monies are held in escrow by BringIt once the game is afoot, so nobody can run off with the pot.

Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, & Wii games are supported (no PC - presumably it is too easy to cheat) as long as you have a decent, stable net connection.

Just read up on this and joined. Seems pretty straight forward they just need to get some fighting games in there. Interesting at the very least.

online - money - tourney = no

Since when is skill-based cash gaming NOT illegal in IL?

Sadly, online and fighting games and $$$ matches don’t go together well.

Hm… Didn’t think about lag much…But I could see myself doing this for fun with friends for $5 bucks just nothing serious.

yeah you’re right


Hm, that’s kind of stalkerish. Anyways, I should have clarified that was an offline $$$ match at Evo.

i dont think its a bad idea. especially if its for fun. i probably wouldnt put 387456387657835 bucks on the line with someone with 100+ ping. but 5 or 10, here or there with a player with good connection, is alrighty with me

Mike Watson is the only bookie I use.

Should of put this in GD to get more replies :looney: Seems like easy money for the FPS pros, and lol @ Mario Kart. Sounds decent though, I’ll probably try it out sometime.

I’d move it to GD if I could but i don’t feel like a repost.

I do wonder about the legality of it.

How is this supposed to work for PS2? I thought that system didn’t really have anything online. Do you just tell the guy you are playing “I won” over the phone?