Bring back BBCode

Seriously, this new stuff is bullshit. Can’t quote, can’t format replies to threads because you guys are fixing something that was NEVER FUCKING BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

This is horseshit. Bring back BBCode or get this site the fuck away from Vanilla.

Vanilla makes changes globally, and in turn it affects sites that are hosted with them. I dont know the reasoning behind them disabling bbcode in the first place.

That’s kinda what I thought.

Really kind of raw right now. Mobile’s virtually unusable at this point for posting, quotes show up as “null” and trying to format, even by hand, only shows the BBCode.

Now, desktop version works fine. About 10 hours ago, even on the desktop version, formatting wasn’t working and only showed up as BBCode.

Or at least it wasn’t for me.

Seems to work fine now. I can only assume that there was a hiccup in whatever update they did that caused this.

Quoting and formatting still doesn’t work on mobile for me.

And a lot of people playing from mobile in my mafia game in GD is complaining of not being able to format posts.

Why this is pertinent: Players typically bold votes so that it better grabs the attention of the Game Master keeping the tally. I’ve accidentally overlooked a several votes because of improper formatting. When players can get DQd for too many missed votes and I have two players on the verge of DQ if they miss another vote, this formatting problem coukd potentially compromise the integrity of my game.

Not that mafia games are the main purpose or concern of SRK, I get that. But right now Vanilla is not exactly giving an on par product for the end users, and a lot of mobile users are especially unhappy, because no Tapatalk and now the mobile site is even more limited than the desktop site.

I know I keep seeing messages on desktop version saying “unable to convert TextEx to BBCode” or something. I believe every time that happens, a given post basically has to be restarted if it’s gonna post right.

For some reason it works fine for most desktop browsers, except for changingediting an existing comment.

Mobile is completely borked though, it’s so ridiculous it isn’t even funny. Quoting doesn’t work, tried embedding an image and got a url link with not doing anything at all.

Maybe someone should ask about it here?

For that matter, maybe we should starting bring up our forum-issues there more often, because no one has any answers on here. (Like seriously, who exactly are the people who are in charge of the technical stuff on this site?)

I still can’t find any sort of “mark all forums read” button among other issues ever since this whole Vanilla fiasko rolled out and nobody has answered me anything about them

This site also is pretty crap with my smartphone since it doesn’t show the what’s new nor the best of -sections at the top of the site if I’m using Android agent on my browser, and clicking the ‘use desktop’ button does nothing unless I change the agent into desktop mode, which would view the desktop version of the site anyway.

I’m just confused because I remember poking around the Penny Arcade forums a long while ago because I noticed that they used Vanilla, too, and there was nothing but praise from both users and mods. One of the admins even said that they chose to switch the forums to Vanilla because “they get forums”. So I don’t know if the problem is shitty forum software or shitty implementation of the forum software. Or both.

Is Vanilla hosting the Penny Arcade forums though?

If they’re not then that’s a huge difference between us. Like Wiz says, this seems to be a global change that is borked across Vanilla’s servers, if they’re using Vanilla software on their own servers that’s probably why they are enjoying it.

I have no idea.

We’re overlooking the real issue with this Vanilla update.

:coffee: doesnt work anymore. The core of being a sarcastic, passive aggressive prick on GD. Gone just like that.

You need to enable javascript to do that.

I think I speak for everyone when I say:


I’d like to repeat an earlier question:

Is it just MrWiz? Or are there other people who help? Do more people need to get involved?

It was someone on Vanilla’s staff that is no longer arsed to even show back up here.


The guy was last active six months ago. I decide to look back on his comments and the best way to contact him is his email.

There’s two ways to get to him: &