Bremerton Area

Do we have any kind of scene on this side of the sound? Unfortunately work makes it borderline impossible for me to travel to Seattle often enough to play with skilled players and practice, B-Town is a pretty moderately sized metropolitan area so I’m really hoping there’s people here that can help me start some regular get-togethers.

Port Orchard here! Not sure if I’ll be able to give you a challenge, but my fighter ID is eljaykooljay.

Mine is hatredinfinite for PSN and SFV.

Hey I’m down for a possible session. I’m stationed on the naval base here in Bremerton.

I’m in Kitsap, looking for some fights. Iskone psn and sfv

You play blops too right? I think I saw you on the other day…I remember the name play on LLCoolJ

Sorry I’m just seeing this now! What’s your CFN / PSN (if you’re in PS4)?

Yo! Blops? Do you still play?