--- BreakPoint DvD now shipping! ---

see how sanford takes first place from justin, ending his unprecedented 4+ yr mvc2 tournament streak. see various grudge matches between ny and philly in their ongoing soap opera.
with over 2hrs of good marvel footage with some commentary (by philly’s own big eric smalls and bryheem, as well as ny favorite, desmond aka:larry flynt) to give you an arcade feel, including (but not limited to) loser’s finals, grand finals, and random grudge matches between ny and philly (demonhyo vs x, sanford, etc etc), there’s definitely something to see by any and every mvc2 fan.
this is a basic, simple dvd. it’s easy to navigate and matches are divided into different chapters for easy viewing.

$12 donation (to help cover losses i incurred at ecc9 =( ) + $3 shipping is to be made (via paypal) to philong@fastwww.com (do not email that address, for that i do not check that email often. if you wish to email me, do so at ecc@goto.thebreak.net ).
total for those who are mathematically challenged: at least $15 sent to jetphi (at least, implying that you may send more if you really like me and/or want to see some more phi-quality tourneys in the future :wink: ).
orders will be shipped to the paypal address provided, the saturday after minimum payment is received. i will also provide a tracking number (to the email address listed in the paypal) to confirm shipment.
for those who actually went to the tourney and/or those who don’t have paypal, contact me via aim or email for alternative options.

i’ll be releasing more footage from random matches (that didn’t make it onto the dvd) on this thread, compliments of combovideos.com and/or fmjaguar. much thanks to both for hosting.

check back before the end of the week for a vid or few, and in case you didn’t see the ones available yet:
http://www.sf2ae.com/~jetphi/breakpoint_winners_final.zip (sanford/justin)
http://www.sf2ae.com/~jetphi/breakpoint_wong_demon.zip (winners bracket match)

more breakpoint vids: (posted 11/2004)

misc vids: (posted 11/2004)

note: if anyone is having playback issues (possibly with older dvd player models that don’t support all dvd-r’s), email me with the problem, the brand, model, and year of your dvd player.

(all of the discs were burned 1x speed and tested on the new pstwo and random sony dvd player.)

tufts? where do all the boston matches take place? ill probably be visiting boston sometime or other.

edit: sorry, that was OT

they were played at their houses.
But they usually play at Good Time Emporium friday and saturday from 8pm-11pm

I love this server… :clap:

Where the hell is everyone?

lol, i need to get this, next paycheck i’m in :karate:

damn… i knew i should’ve named the thread, “the ‘watch justin wong lose’ dvd” :sweat:

but there’s definitely a lot of worthwhile footage, and a few nice comebacks :pleased:

People need to get this because:

  • Phi loves the homeless/EC Marvel scene.
  • This is probably the best Marvel footage you can find.
  • This is probably the funniest Marvel footage you can find.
  • Color commentary is worth it alone.
  • How often do you get to see God lose?*
  • This is cheap, even for the homeless/jobless out there.
  • Support ECC, assholes. We all know it’s the only real mvc2 major left.
  • Best footage quality outside of direct feed. And who wants that for Marvel anyway?
  • Better than watching it on PC. Unless you’re rich and can afford a hot AV setup. But then you wouldn’t be playing Marvel, so this point is moot.

Anyways, this dvd is fire. No joke. Phi put a lot of effort into it and is only asking for a donation which will go back to you guys anyway. If you like Marvel, self-sacrificing Viets, ECC, or all of the above AND are thinking about going next year, you’d be a complete dick if you didn’t help him and yourselves out. Buy the DVD.

  • Am I the only person who’s been at both 100 hits and Breakpoint? Just wondering.

i’ma cop one. i don’t have paypal though so look for me on aim, ok?

ahahaha. shh. we like to say that 100 hits tourney back in the day never happened, for obvious reasons wink

I was at that tourney as well, btw.

Wtf, why aren’t people buying this? This is easily the best marvel dvd ever, all of the matches on this dvd are top TOP. After watching this dvd, I masturbated furiosly for 10 hours and then proceeded to watch it again. Those matches of justin and sanford are worth the cost alone, and see why mag/storm/capcom is the new top tier team. If you’re serious about marvel, get this dvd. The peoples champ concurs!

I’ll get it, but first I’m just curious as to how much shipping will be to Hamilton Ontario, Canada?

I’ve already sent the money for mine! :clap:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ISAAC GRAHAM!!! PEOPLE’S CHAMP 4 SURE. ROFL!!

Yeah you should have. :karate:

For the people going to CF toady, I will be there in the afternoon. Phi may or may not be there, most likely not. I will not have any DVDs on me, so don’t bother trying to buy them from me directly. I will, however take names of the people that I’m conviced will buy it from Phi. So if you’re genuinely interested and you haven’t already contacted Phi, make sure you let me know and we can work something out. I can either pass it along to Phi and he’ll ship it to you or you can pick it up at the Break or something. Basically, I can take pre-orders so Phi can get an idea of how many to make and we can go from there. So see me if you want one.

did you get my payment

just checking to see if you got my paypal payment “jahovadagod”

yup, i sent out your dvd and also sent you your tracking info, as well as everyone else who ordered and was cleared before fri. (to the email that was on your paypal account).


quite a bit of people picked up the dvd last night when i made an unexpected cameo at cf.

to anyone who watched it, i’d appreciate any feedback concerning what was good, what wasn’t, etc; so i can keep in mind if i do any other productions.

also, i’ll be posting more vids, including some footage i got this weekend (losers/grand finals at the recent cf tourney)

Jetphi what is your website address again? And how long do you think it will take to ship the dvd to VA?

I second this lmao!

Coming Soon!

Even bootleggier DVD copies of the Bootleg Breakpoint DVD!

1/2 the Price. 1/2 the Quality. 1/2 the Guilt!

message jaeownsphi@forrealzyo.com



buy his dvd dumbasses, it’s good shit