I promised all you Fei Long fans that I would attended the NY Comic Con and if I had the chance to meet Seth I would ask him what changes would be made to Fei. Well as promised I did just that and I did meet him and this is how it went down.

I couldn’t talk to Seth right away as he was on a live stream for MvC3 so I had to wait about 20 min to talk to him. After he was done with the Live stream and ready to leave, I first asked for his autograph on my TE Stick (YES!!!) then while he was signing it I asked "What changes where made to Fei? He shook his head as if he didn’t want to spill the beans. So I pressed a little harder I then said “Seth you have to give me something I promised all the Fei Long members on SRK that I would get some info from you”. So this must have softened him up.

Seth "well were testing a few things"
Jason "like what?"
Seth "we are working on his Tenshin"
Jason "Really like what, faster start up"
Seth "Yes, faster start up maybe"
Jason “No way how fast, 10, 8”?
Seth "maybe tornado"
Jason “FUCK NO”!!!
Seth "we are still testing it, we will most likely give it a bit more range"
Jason "on EX"
Seth "Both"
Jason "NO WAY!!! (In game Dan voice) I heard can now be linked into Rekka"
Seth "Yes that will be in the final version"
Jason "FUCK YEAH! I also heard we lost invisibility on HKCW"
Seth (shaking his head a bit) "Dont look into that so much"
Jason "What about any buffs, Fei can really has a hard time against top tier characters"
Seth "Well you have"
Jason "we can only do so much, we get like +1 on a hit. If we got like +3 we can really stop turtles"
Seth "thats a good idea (with a smile on his face) but we cant give him too much"
Jason "Come on something at least, Ryu battles are hard, charge fighters are a pain in the ass"
Seth "well you still have CW"
Jason "that got nerfed, we lost some + frames on the last hit"
Seth "Yeah…, but he is still in the testing stage"
Jason “How about more hits on a air juggle U1”?
Seth “We are working on that”

Well thats it, he had to leave and I didn’t want to overwhelm my welcome. I will attend again tomorrow and maybe be a little more cooler and calm. I thought I was not going to see him but when I did I guess I turned into a super fanboy.

UPDATE: Special thanks goes out to Jaleel Beck of for putting my interview together and getting it up on youtube. The text portion above was from Fridays brief interview the following was a follow up to the prior conversation but I wanted to have audio so I wouldn’t be called a liar and what not on this forums.


I would buy you a beer for what you’ve just unraveled.

DUDE. Wayyyyy more changes than I expected! I can’t believe Tenshin could potentially be as fast as TT now… That’s gotta be at the cost of something. It would make it the most damaging 5-frame or less throw move in the game otherwise. But more range is so very welcome!

So now cr.MK xx Rekkas has been confirmed! :wgrin:

Yeah maybe he was playing games with me with the start up for Tenshin, but he was more then serious when he mentioned the “range” part. As for nerfs, I asked “would Fei get any nerf’s” he said “no not really, he will mostly be the same”. So who knows? I will see him tomorrow and ask for 5 mins so I can be a little more calm when I question him.

I promised you guys a while back that I would press him with questions and he gave me answers.

Wow , Cr-mk into rekka and better tenshin are 2 of my 3 top picks ! (ultra still number 1). You’ve done well mate, can’t believe you got so much out of him.

But if your telling fibs, I will call in the Zombie Bruce Lee assist… :rofl:

Nice work!! Great to hear about Fei for a change instead of the stock standard characters.

If true, a lot more people will play fei long, I think. I won’t believe it until I see the changes, though.

I still bet People will pick yun over fei

Well I pressed him, I was going to let up. I went in there to get info. I am going again tomorrow and I will try to get some more info or even some clarification. I will clean up some space on my iphone to do like a voice memo so I can post it here so everyone can here. I just didnt think of it at the moment. The Fanboy came out of me when I seen him so I should be more calm tomorrow. But he was very serious with all his answers and he only one I feel he was going a little over the top with was a faster Tenshin but he did stress that “we are really working on the Tenshin and its range”

I will report back tomorrow if I get another chance to speak to him again.

that tenshin speed buff is completely rediculous… unless your playing against a spammer, landing tenshin right now is not hard at all… im not sure if i like the crmk link into rekka either, seems a little too good to be true, unless rekkas getting a damage nerf, which would suck hard. only thing i can agree with that would be very nice to mess with downback would be +3 on hit for our overhead, or if we could tenshin from a block string and still have it hit.

Speed perhaps, but the distance is awfull right now. You could set up tons more traps with a half character length more reach. Plus they would’nt see it coming.

(we can EX tenshin from a blocked cr lp already…?)

omg, thats really good news :slight_smile: all that time put to fei will finally pay off :wgrin:
Thanks a lot jason

edit: crap i read your post on CW, did we lose + frames on last hit of CW?
Dang, will cl.hp to rekka after cw be even more tighter? i worry about this. From i heard we only lost invincible frames off, is this true?

wow. tenshin being fast like tornado, and rekkas

if fei had that stuff in console super, he’d be definate top tier. cant say im not excited tho. i gotta see what they took out, or what BS ryu ended up with

If they take away any +frames on CW, cl.hp after CW won’t be possible. I think that would suck, but who knows. If they’re making such drastic changes to tenshin, they might be making drastic changes to CW too.

I’m really glad for all the buffs! Looks like they’re trying to make him compete with Yang.

I wonder if it’s a good enough trade to lose + frames after CW in order to get cr.MK xx Rekkas?

Wow, faster Tenshin startup and more range??? never thought they’d mess with tenshin, it would be great if EX tenshin allow combo into ultra, but this is good news all around.

I doubt they would make CW to cl.hp not possible. Here is my reasoning, because it would make some of fei’s trial challenges not functional, thus making part of the game broken. I doubt they would patch trial combos, since that would reset titles and make more things broken. The combo most likely will be intact but will be like before, thats giving +1 rather than +2

No what I meant about we lost plus frames on the CW, that already happended. With the last update with the inf. loop cl.hp>CW. The frame data had the CW for Super at +2mk +4hk on hit from CW. Now it’s just +2mk/hk, I haven’t been able to once link anything after a mkcw so I feel it’s really more like 00. Seth never said we are losing plus frame that was my reply to him when he said “you still have cw”

I will be going back today with a list of questions to ask him if he is able to give me 5 min. I will try to confirm more. What I can confirm is>rekka will happen. He looked very serious when he said “added range to Tenshin” the speed part I think he was joking around. He was all smiles when he said that and seeing my eyes pop out when I said “like more speed to tenshin” so he must have ran with it. I will ask him today for sure more about the U1 air juggle. The was the last question I asked before he had to leave.

I would say try to give me a top five questions to ask to see if they are the same as mines. My questions will be as follows today

  1. You mention a fix to tenshin yesterday, will we be able to even after a hit link the tenshin? Cl.lp hits>Tenshin whiffs
  2. St.lp, will this hit all character in crouch?
  3. Will EX rekka get a boost
  4. (if ex rekka or not gets a boost) will Fei get any nerfs, if so what will get the nerf?
  5. U1 from a air juggle will that be fixed for more hits?
    My wildcard Question
  6. U2 any changes to it and if so whould it be like Abrl U2 where we can cancel or like Hakan that we can get. FA crumble dash in and still have our U2 still hit as they are falling?

If you have the same question or a better one write it down here before 1pm est. I had no signal at Comic Con yesterday so it would be hard for me to check the forums with the list of questions.

Update: After seeing Mago win 10-2 against Mochi I think they will leave Fei as is. Mago raised it to a whole new level!!!

1.Is rekka getting touched?
2.Is HK Chicken Wing losing its invincibility?
3.Can we get some more dash range?( rekka will probably fix the need for this tho)
4.Can the hitbox reach the visible range?

  1. Any adjustment to Forward+HK or is it still pointless?

Damn I might ask for 10 mins instead. Some good questions so far