Breaking flying screen with magneto, going into rom

I was high the other day and learned rom then started to do some combos with assists. I brought the char to the floor then broke flying screen with and proceded to rom.

Has ne1 done this? I want to know first if ne 1 has done this cause i haven’t seen it. If not so i can post up the whole combo. i take cred if it hasn’t been done.

wow seems new to me… please post your 4 year old combo. :woot: :nunchuck:

If you’re referring to magneto’s fsd then you don’t get dibs for it because it was done by joo quite some time ago. And yes it involves his cr. jab, and cr. roundhouse. But it only works on capcom and roll and characthers with their properties (I think there are only 2 more people).

LMAO that was wrong. But hey who know’s he might have done it. He said

he wil post it…

You’re thinking of doing cr.hp on roll in the corner sj lk fall down lk hk land before she does lp > wait like 2 seconds then otg. only roll and kobun will it work on.

Oh wait he has another one on cable dash in the corner hk let both hit > shockwave tap cr.HK+ assist (psy?) it will break it and you can rom, hey that one is easy!

yo are u really living in mississauga now or are you just being sarcastic, check your msn i added u.