Breaking bad habits?

Anyone seen any advice or tutorials on breaking bad habits?

Personally I’ve been playing SF games since '92 (thats almost 20 years!) and I’ve developed a bunch! SF4 is a lot more punishing to me then other SF games where plinking combos are the basics now, and multiple button inputs are the norm. Any help is greatly appreciated.

multiple button inputs are norm, NOW?
What games have you been playing again?

Seriously though… to get any advice on breaking bad habits, we need to know first, what those bad habits are. There’s not a formulaic method of dispelling every bad habit possible.

Up until SF4 the most buttons you had to press at once was 2.
Mainly ultras at the end of combos and what not, i keep wanting to press all 3 buttons with all four fingers, index - jab, middle and ring - strong, pinky - fierce, when i know i should be pushing them with 3 fingers leave the pinky out of it, but when i do it in hurry i use all four. I know it will come with time and practice just like anything else, but direction for practice never hurts.

Just wondering if there was any tutorials on that kinda stuff.

Alpha 1 and 2 required 1 button for a level 1 super, 2 for a level 2 and** 3 for a level 3**. Alpha 3 was the only one that had a light/middle/heavy scheme for those.
Teleports (Dhalsim, Akuma, and Dictator) required 3p/k for a long time. I think 3S requires 2 instead, but the other ones definitely require 3.
Anything halfway advanced with Balrog’s turnaround punch requires 4 buttons pressed at once in many cases. You’re holding 3 buttons to charge down and you still need to poke with jab or short.
Air dashes before MvC2 in the versus series required 3 buttons to press as well…
Alpha 2, I believe requires 3 buttons to activate CC. I don’t know if CvS2 and A3 are the same in that case.

I really don’t know what you’re talking about…

So let me get this straight - you want a tutorial to teach you to not use 4 fingers on 3 buttons?