Break 3s results 10/7/2004

1st- ryo cho
2nd- ray lee
3rd- jason
4th- phi
5th- john "vicini"
5th- justin “jericho”

yeah, pretty slow night. cvs2 is busted owner should be working on it tomorrow. i’ll try to get switches and replaced on cabinets too.

Oh man, if next week is Ryo’s last week, I’ll try to make it out there.

that means there might not be cvs2 on sunday?

uh oh.

didja get my pm phi btw?

Um, so is 3s weekly now? I thoght the next 3s tournament was next week.

yup, i got it. i’m not sure. the arcade’s not too supportive of bringing in other games. (i had to work hard enough just getting the consoles in)

if you guys do anything, just don’t do it in front of the owner ;p

Well I’ll pay if I have to. Melty Blood is only available on the PC, and #R is there for casual, but we’ll see. Thanks anyway.


3S is not weekly, but it could be if enough people show up every week.

The thing is, if you (not just you, but anyone who read this) really want to get more people into 3s, just show up on weeklies even if it’s not suppose to be 3s, to start the trend. If ppl know that there’ll be 3s comp there every thursday, they’ll show up too.

It’ll work, in theory.

there will be a dedicated 3s tourney next week. this week there was 3s, because more people showed up for that than marvel

don’t worry, i got the cvs2 fixed. i verified as of 7pm friday evening. it was a wiring issue that the owner cleaned up.

Don’t forget to put the speed to default, which is anything but slow. Please make sure of that (you told me to remind you of it anyway).


holy fuck my ken was a beast