Brawl DLC

this has got me too excited. 4 new characters!!??!
discuss/ speculate

edit: video proof?

Wow, so… kickass. I wonder if they’ll also try to patch the cast for balance?

Edit: Won’t spoil the characters in that vid, but… too good. Too good!

As much as new content sounds good, I absolutely hate microtransactions, and that is essentially what this is. If anything, this has prevented me from getting a wii for brawl. Sucks, since I was actually considering it for a while.

I cannot believe I fell for this.

I hate to tell ya…but microtransactions are here to stay. On all consoles.

Gonna have to quit gaming, son.

But yeah…early April Fools?

wow guys, its an obvious troll, Sakurai already said this wouldnt happen.

Still though, Nice troll :slight_smile:

Thank you for telling us.

Actually, this might be true. Gamespot just posted a story about it, which you can read by clicking [media=youtube]oHg5SJYRHA0"[/media].

…you won’t believe how many forms of killing people crossed my mind within the time frame of 3 seconds…

No ohs, I has been Rick Roll’d!:amazed:

Good thing I love this song!:lovin:

Actually I’m pretty sure I saw something about this at IGN, check out the article:






When I saw the thread title, I thought “YES!!” for 2 seconds, then started thinking “YOU FUCKER I HATE YOU” while opening the thread.

Get the fuck out of here.

…Rick Astley’s going to be a downloadable character???1 :rofl:

damnit i can’t get it outta my head!! :rofl:

That’s because it’s never gonna give you up.

This thread is made of lol

I can’t believe I fell for this.

I don’t why everyone is saying they think the thread as a whole is fake.

The link at the very top seems real enough, it’s just everything else is a Rickroll link.

It’s probably just going to be the four missing people from Melee if this is true–I wonder if they’ve changed any of them, though. While Mewtwo back would be nice (provided they “fixed” him), I’m more interested in the 2 new stages than I am a likely unchanged Dr. Mario or Pichu (but I thought Pichu was this Pikachu, time travel much?); I hope they changed Roy to reflect his video game self since the game with him in it is actually out now.

Is this news legit? It was posted two days ago, but no sites have reported it…

Also, I question the URL of the site. The actual website is doesn’t lead to anything…

If you go to the Press Room site, notice how there’s nothing about the Wii Want More service there…in fact, there’s no news for March 29.