Brandon Rios tests positive for banned substance following loss to Manny Pacquiao

What a loser, he couldn’t even put up a decent fight all juiced up. lmao

If you cheat, at least try and make it look interesting, Rios… smh

Oh and I love how he tries to point fingers at Team Pacquiao afterwards:

**Asked if he thought someone on Team Pacquiao had something to do with the positive test, he said, “I’m not going to sit here and point and blame nobody.” But he said he found it odd the positive test came after the incident.

“I passed all of those other tests and all of a sudden, the last time, the last one, after we had that incident, then that’s when we tested positive,” Rios said.**

There IS a boxing thread

Also, he was on an amphetamine, not “all juiced up”

Nick sure seems mad. :shy:

Not his fault, Rios is clearly suffering from ididntthinkidgetcaughtfluenza.

No. Not mad. This isnt thread worthy, especially when we already have a boxing thread where a minor story like this would fit perfectly

It’s just DMAA, nothing to see here folks, move along.