Brampton Thread (UMVC3)

Hey guys! If you live in Brampton (In Ontario… idk if there are any more bramptons in the world) and play marvel, this is your thread!

I know there’s more of you out there!!!

no. money match me scrub

Oh, hello person I don’t know. Where in Brampton do you live? I’ll take your money FREE. (Not like I’ve driven you home countless times.)

We need meeting places.

This couldn’t be any more true.

I don’t reside within Brampton but I live right near it. I’ll consider this a relevant thread.

I’d play if its 360. Or you guys can go to teddy n me shoppers world. brampton they host tournys saturdays i believe.

They host marvel tournaments there? I didn’t know that, and I used to work at shoppers world :confused: Thought they only ran card game events

They just recently started to host marvel there. Not every saturday though… If we get more people interested it could turn into something big…like a weekly

Hey guys, just wanted to say hi to everyone in the Brampton thread. Toronto HQ will be throwing an event in the month of May in Brampton. Something we’re very excited about and we’d like to continue going forward. Once everything is finalized I’ll update everyone here.
At the moment I have a AE (PC) stream up for most of the day
Any questions please let me know.

Didn’t know Shoppers World had stuff like that. I’d check it out if I knew what day/time it was. Although I suck at marvel, I usually play street fighter 4.

saturday …starts anywhere from 1-3 they will host tournys more if ppl show interest… dont think anything going down this weekend.

Hey Brampton,

Oh awesome. I pass by that place all the time. I’ll try my best to make it.

okay, I’ll go to this teddy n me next time they have something there
I assume they don’t have anything this weekend

Are we talking about the Teddy n me in shoppers world? I didn’t know there were Marvel tournaments there, that’s awesome

this thread tripped me out for obvious reasons

Any one tryin to get together on Sunday and watch some of the Canada Cup and maybe play some games. (I’m in tonw for the weekend, came from other Ontario FGC.