Brampton Thread 2012

Ok where are the Brampton players at, I’m taking initiative here because this city is too damn overpopulated to not have its own thread or players in general. Looking for casuals of Marvel or any fighting game really I just want my offline fix with minimal travel distance required.

alright i’ll come to brampton to get my marvel on

But where are the people IN Brampton

come to sauga

Hybreezy; what part of Brampton are you from?

Near Kennedy and Bovaird


Seriously tho I work near Tomken/Steels so if Brampton casuals did go down I’ll reach

where in sauga that thread doesn’t seem that active lately >_>

its a secret

I’m not that great, but I’m on Airport and Sandalwood. I’m a Marvel player.

Airport north Of sandlewood

Ok good some peeps coming out of hiding, what can we make work

Yooooo, lets get our marvel on! I live on Williams and Chinguacousy, by st. Roch or St. Edmund Campion. I have a shit load of friends whom I run sets with online that also live by me and are also interested in this thread. If anyones willing to host something, im down to come.

Finally. A brampton thread.

If joker’s coming, I ain’t. The family man is too much lol jk

Ya im down we got to get this cities rep up

On Tuesdays, from Brampton, I go straight to Seneca@York and do it up at the 2 Hit KO club.
Thread to club: on Wednesdays after school, I bus from York to A&C world, and then back to Brampton.

Just a heads up if anyone is interested in running sets elsewhere aside from Brampton, if theres nothing else being hosted.

If anybody can host we definitely got something here for big time leveling up amongst each other. I unfortunately cannot, but surely someone can…please?

I can’t but in the mean time add me up on psn, we’ll run online sets PSN: Alloriii