BP system in TVC: UAS Not Working?

Ok, so I have 3854 BP right now. And this whole time I pretty much play people with only BPs in the hundreds.

Is there something I’m missing?

I mean I played mario kart wii and SF4, which both used similar BP systems, and I was able to generally play people my range of skill and BP.

Is this just how tvc uas’ bp system is? or am I the only one experiencing this crap?

Even though I didn’t really enjoy the actual gameplay of sf4, its online was great. No lag and a working BP system.

Maybe cause im only 250BP and yet i get match up with ppl like 1000-2000 BP. I just take it as its dealt to me win or lose

I will own you at mkwii any day. 9999vr Flame Runner/Funky Kong FTW!