**BOUGHT** WTB: WHITE 360 SE/TE Turbo Panel **DELETE ME**

I’m looking to buy a white turbo_control panel, commonly found on all SEs as well as some TEs. And again, only looking for a 360 version.


I have one! Pmd

…jesus christ that was fast.

(have yet to receive said PM… <.<; soooo… still looking for item)

How much you want to pay? i have one available

Damn… wish I had heard from you earlier. I actually just picked one up alternatively. Either way… pm’d.

hey you do know that the size is different between SE turbo panel and the TE turbo panel you have to mod a SE turbo panel to make it work it stick up a lot taller in a TE

I did not… shit. Duly noted. Thank you.

What do you have to do exactly to make it work?!?..Dremel part of the plastic SE turbo panel? Easy to do? Link of detailed DIY & pics? Asking b/c I’ve got a TvC stick (same thing as a SE) & going to swap the turbo panel into a TE. Thx!

What I did was take the pcb and just switch it with a TE one. So basically using a ps3 pcb in place of the SE/TVC one.
It’s much easier just to find a TE turbo panel or a SE/TVC one.

Ill show a picture if you want.

Yes, pics would be great. I dunno…perhaps it’s been a long day but not really getting what you’re saying. Just to be clear, I’m swapping over the TvC Wii pcb turbo panel to a TE so I can use the TE stick for Wii games. Thx!

Mods please delete this thread. Item was found & purchased.

Thank you.