Both Sold: Hori Tekken 5 Anniversary Stick


  Don't really use these so I'm letting them go.  Used only a handful of times each and both are in excellent shape w/ boxes and the display cases for the series.  

Asking $50 shipped. First come, first served, Paypal only. I would also be interested in trades involving most any PS2 shmups. I ship next day.

One sold, one left…

How much for both include shipping???

he said 90 shipped. man this days ppl dont read posts anymore.

will the shipping be the same to Canada?

Unfortunately no, only because I did that before and ended up screwing myself. If you can pay right away, I can look into an adjusted price for you.

Bump before work.

One sold via local pick up, one left.

PM sent.

All sold. Thanks SRK!